Successful test of rocket made by Nepali students

The 'Quantum' rocket reached an altitude of 2.1 km

The test of ‘Quantum’ rocket made by Nepali students has been successful. The super sonic test of the rocket made by engineering students through the National Innovation Center has been successful.

The rocket was tested at the firing range of the Nepal Army at Thankot. ‘Our rocket’s super sonic test was successful. This is the Mac-2 Speed, chief builder Mohan Tamang told The Gurkha Times.

The super sonic rocket flew at a speed of 878 meters per second. The speed of sound in air is 343 meters per second. The weight of this 6.1 feet high rocket is 9 kg. Potassium nitrate and table sugar are used as solid fuels in rockets. It uses 1.2 kg of fuel.

A maximum of 1800 newtons of energy was given during the projection of quantum. A minimum of 900 Newton thrust is required for the flight, said Tamang.

During the launch, the rocket had reached a height of 2.1 km. The rocket was dropped with the help of a parachute. Parachute is for recovery. The aim is to change the fuel and launch the rocket again, ‘said Tamang. The rocket built using fiberglass.

It uses various sensors. Tamang said that sensors were used to detect various aspects of the rocket. According to him, the rocket was built with the aim of taking Nepal into space.

Apart from Tamang, Ram Hari Chaudhary, Shiv Narayan Kunwar, Pradip Sharma, Ishwar Shrestha, Dhan Bahadur Ghartimagar and Dipendra Basnet have completed engineering studies in rocket construction. The builders Ujjwal Dhakal, Ramesh Saud and Amrit Dhungana are studying engineering. He is also affiliated with Kathmandu University, Thapathali Engineering Campus, Kathmandu Engineering College, Oxford Engineering College and College of Information Technology and Engineering.

Tamang says that they have a plan to further develop the rocket. Earlier, the Garuda rocket made by Nepali students had failed the test. The development of rockets aimed at competition in the United States was halted by the corona virus.

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