Scientists prepared laser device, Can kill virus in 50 milliseconds

Scientists have claimed to have made such a laser device for the first time that can pile up the coronavirus in the air itself. Scientists from Italy and America have prepared this device after a year of efforts. However, some experts have also raised questions about the device.

Amidst the outbreak of Corona epidemic, a good news has come. Scientists in Italy have claimed to have made a laser device that can kill the coronavirus. This device has been made by the scientists of the United Nations in collaboration with the scientists of the Italian tech company. Let us tell you that the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology located in the northern Italian city of Trieste and Altec K-Laser, a local company that makes laser equipment, started work on this project last year.

Here is how device works

According to the report of ‘Daily Pioneer’, this laser device can kill the corona virus particles present inside the boundary wall. In the device, air is passed through a laser beam and it kills viruses and bacteria. Giving information in this regard, Serena Zakinya, Head of the Cardiovascular Biology Group at the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology said, ‘This device has completely changed my thinking about laser technology. This device can kill the virus in 50 milliseconds.

Many scientists raised questions

Keeping the spaces within the boundary wall free from infection has proved to be a major challenge during the COVID pandemic. Although experts have been advised to avoid it from time to time, it has been difficult to implement it completely. Therefore, the laser device can be very helpful in the war with Corona. At the same time, questions have also started arising on this device. Many scientists say that laser-based technology will not be safe to kill the corona virus. A study published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology in November last year linked the risk of cancer to laser-based devices.

Completely Safe Device

The founders of Altec company, Francesco Janata and Jakinya, both refute the theory of cancer with laser devices. They believe that the laser emanating from the device never comes in contact with human skin, so there is no risk of causing cancer. He has also said that this device is completely safe and it is a recycled product. Janata has said that our device uses nature against nature.

Small size is the biggest advantage

Janata told that his company has got the patent for this device. The company is trying to launch the device internationally soon. He said, ‘The most important thing about the device is its size. Due to the small size, it is easy to carry it anywhere. Its height is five feet 9 inches and weight is about 25 kg. It can also be installed in the air-conditioning unit.

There are also some flaws in the device

At the same time, experts say that the biggest drawback of this technique is that viruses and bacteria can be eliminated in the air itself. If they fall from the air to the floor or any surface, the laser will not work. Apart from this, if the virus reaches another person by sneezing or by speaking loudly, then this laser will not harm him.

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