Pegasus – A spy who destroys itself before getting into anyone’s hand, Know how it works

You must have read many news of Pegasus spying in the past. There will definitely be many questions in your mind regarding this. So let’s tell you today everything about Pegasus. To say, it is a spy software made in Israel. But its methods are such that even the best detective can be defeated. Its features and working are such that Target does not doubt at all. If Target has the slightest doubt, Pegasus destroys himself. That’s why no one can even guess that he is being spied on.

Installs without clicking

Pegasus spyware gets installed on the target’s mobile without any clicks. The English newspaper Indian Express quoted an employee of NSO, the Israeli company that made Pegasus, as saying that its features are very unique. Its Active Collection feature allows it to collect customized information from the target device. Under this, this software does not wait for the arrival of information, but allows it to get all the information that the attacker needs from the target’s device.

Destroys itself

Pegasus is equipped with self-destruct mode, ie self-destruct feature. NSO says that it is very important for us that the target does not have any idea about who is spying. In such a situation, the self-destruct mechanism is turned on when there is any danger of opening the pole. On the other hand, even if Pegasus does not have contact with the server for 60 days, then this system is turned on. Apart from this, there is also a third scenario. Since the creation of Pegasus, NSO has not allowed spying on any US phone. If someone has Pegasus in his phone, then Pegasus will end from his phone as soon as he enters the US border.

Collects information in real time

According to NSO, other spy software only monitors parts of the conversation. At the same time, Pegasus collects all kinds of information present in the target with their context. In the initial phase, it sends SMS records, contacts, call history, email, messages and browsing history to the command and control server. Pegasus collects and monitors complete data in real time. With this, the spy has a full chance that he can take real time action on his target. He can plan anything based on the information and location received from his device.

This is how Pegasus works

GPS Location Tracking

If the target has turned off its GPS, Pegasus turns it on and turns it off after sampling. If the GPS signal cannot be accessed, then information is taken from the cell ID.

Recording the sound of the environment

Through this, Pegasus starts recording the sound of the target’s presence through the microphone by putting the phone on silent mode. If a call comes on the target’s mobile during this time, the recording stops immediately.

Taking photos

If the target’s phone has Pegasus installed, it enables the front and back cameras to take photos even when the phone is turned off. Attackers lower the quality of the photo so that the data usage is less and the transmission is faster. According to NSO, since the flash is not used for taking photos and there is a possibility of the phone moving or being in a closed room. That’s why sometimes photos are out of focus.

Rules and Alerts

Under this, many conditions can be pre-set for real time action in the target’s phone. For example, geofencing alerts – when the target approaches or approaches a certain place. Meeting Alert – When two devices are at the same location. Connection Alert – When there is a call or message from a particular number or number. Content Alert – When a specific word is used in the message.

Transmission is invisible

Pegasus is transmitted in such a way that it would be fair to call it invisible. NSO says that this is done so that the battery and memory level of the target’s phone is not affected so much that it starts to suspect. That’s why most of the data transfer is done through Wi-Fi connection. If the battery level of the target’s phone is low, the data transmission stops automatically. When data transmission is not possible, Pegasus stores it in an encrypted form, which does not use even 5% of the storage. On the other hand, whenever the situation becomes such that it is not possible to transfer data at all, then it is taken through text message. However, there is a danger that Target’s phone bill could go up and it may become suspicious. Communication between Pegasus and the central server takes place through a special network called the Pegasus Anonymizing Transmission Network (PTN). NSO says that Pegasus’ network is spread all over the world which is redirected from different places before reaching Pegasus servers.

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