International Space Station out of NASA’s control for 45 minutes, know the reason

The International space station was temporarily withdrawn from its place due to a fire in a Russian research module at the International Space Station on Thursday. However, soon the situation was brought under control.

The US space agency NASA claims that the International Space Agency, ie the astronauts’ home, was out of their control for about 45 minutes on Thursday (July 29). The Russian module backfired, causing the glitch. However, the team present in NASA’s control room, with the help of control thrusters, brought the space station to its orbit, which averted a major accident.

According to the information, Russia’s research module was deployed a few hours ago on Thursday on the International Space Station (ISS) in space. It is being told that it suddenly backfired, causing the ISS to withdraw from its orbit and remained out of NASA’s control for about 45 minutes.

At that time there were seven crew members in the space station, which are currently safe. These include two Russians, three Americans, one Japanese and one French astronaut. As soon as the information about the matter was received, there was a stir in NASA. The flight team present in the space agency’s control room, with the help of control thrusters, steered the station to its place.

Starliner capsule launch postponed
It is being told that the Boeing CST-100 Starliner capsule was to be launched by NASA shortly after the time when this incident happened. This capsule was also being sent to connect with the International Space Station, but the launch was stopped after the accident. Now the launch of this capsule has been fixed on August 3.

Why did the Russian module backfire?
Investigations have revealed that a technical fault in the Russian laboratory module Nauka backfired. In fact, its jet thrusters started running on their own, due to which the International Space Station was out of control of the US space agency NASA.

The brake on NASA’s upcoming mission
Due to this disturbance, NASA has to stop one of its major missions. NASA was scheduled to launch Boeing’s new CST-100 Starliner capsule on August 3. This capsule would go to the space station without astronauts. The Starliner was prepared for launch on Friday atop an Atlas V rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA has tweeted, after installing the Nauka module in the International Space Station, the thrusters of this module accidentally started firing. Due to this the space station rotated 45 degrees from its fixed position. Soon the space station was taken to its fixed place through the recovery operation. There was no harm to the astronauts present in the space station.

In another tweet, NASA wrote, “Astronauts on the space station are safe and ready to repair the damage caused by a fire in the thruster of Russia’s ferry module as part of their routine work today.” The station holds its place and is in good shape.

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