The Philippine athlete who won gold at the Olympics received 6.5 million USD and a home prize

Hidilyn Diaz of the Philippines won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics and received about 660,000 USD and a house from the government. She won her first Olympic gold medal for the Philippines.

Diaz won the gold medal in the 55 kg weight category on Monday evening. She has also improved her personal record in weightlifting by lifting 127 kg.

The Philippines first participated in the 1924 Paris Olympics. So far, however, no one has won a gold medal for the country. Diaz has announced that the Tokyo Olympics will be her last. After winning the gold medal, the Philippine government offered her 660,000 USD in cash, some business and a new home. After winning the gold medal, Diaz said, “I can’t believe my big dream has come true.”

“What I want to say to the new generation of Filipinos is that you too can dream of a gold medal,” she added. Diaz had been living in Malaysia for two years.

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