Proposal to hold 13th SAFF Championship in Nepal

Nepal has received an official proposal to hold the South Asian Football Federation Championship (SAFF), the largest football tournament in South Asia.

The member nations have agreed to hold the 13th edition of SAFF in October. The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has stated that the official proposal of the organizer has come for that.

At the SAFF’s Zoom meeting held on Friday, it was agreed to hold the SAFF Championship in October. But the issue of the organizer could not be decided.

Earlier, it was reported that Bangladesh would not be able to organize the fair due to the growing corona infection. After that, SAFF said that Nepal, India and Maldives have shown interest in SAFF event and the decision of the organizer will be finalized in the first week of August.

According to ANFA, SAFF Secretary General Anwarul Haque has sent a proposal to ANFA General Secretary Indraman Tuladhar for the SAFF Champion event. ANFA General Secretary Tuladhar said that ANFA will now make a detailed proposal for the SADF Championship and send it to SAFF for approval.

According to ANFA, the final decision of the SAFF event will be made by the SAFF chairperson and the SAFF working committee after studying ANFA’s proposal.

It is almost certain that only 5 teams will play in the clean championship this time. Pakistan will not play clean as it is banned by FIFA. Similarly, Bhutan will not participate due to the ban on leaving the country due to COVID-19. Now, along with Nepal, only Bangladesh, India, Maldives and Sri Lanka will participate in the fair.

Nepal had previously hosted the SAFF Championship in 1997 and 2013. Nepal has not reached the final of SAFF yet. Nepal has already started closed training with the aim of reaching the final and winning the title this time.

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