President Bidhyadevi Bhandari bade farewell to the athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics

President of Nepal, Bidhyadevi Bhandari has bid farewell to the athletes, coaches and managers participating in the Tokyo Olympics.

A statement issued by the President’s Office said that President Bhandari on Thursday bade farewell to the team participating in the 32nd Summer Olympics in Japan.

The World Games Aquarius Olympics is being held in Japan from July 23 to August 8. A 26-member team including 5 athletes and 4 coaches from Nepal is going to Tokyo to participate in the Olympics.

This time, two swimmers, one athlete, one shooter and one judo player from Nepal will participate.

Swimmers Gaurika Singh and Alexander Shah (Alex), Shooting’s Kalpana Pariyar, Judo’s Sonia Bhatt and Athletics Saraswati Chaudhary will compete. The coaches are Shankar Karki of Swimming, Asim Yadav of Shooting, Suryanarayan Shrestha of Judo and Indra Kumari Malla of Athletics.

Two swimmers and one athletics player have been selected under ‘Universality Place’ while the other two athletes will play in the Olympics through wild cards.

Gaurika Singh and Alexander Shah will jointly carry the Nepalese flag during the March Pass of the Olympics. Gaurika and Alex and swimming instructors are currently in Japan. They are in Tokusimo for special training.

Similarly, National Sports Council (NSC) Member Secretary Ramesh Kumar Silwal is in the team’s ‘Safe the Mission’.

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