Nepal unlikely to play in the U-19 World Cup

Nepal’s U-19 national cricket team is unlikely to play in the ODI World Cup in the West Indies next year. With the remaining matches of the IPL 2021 and the T20 World Cup to be held soon after the U-19 Asia qualifiers scheduled for next September, it seems certain that there will be no qualifying competition.

In the absence of a U-19 Asia selection, the International Cricket Council (ICC) had issued a set of rules and criteria a month ago to inform member nations about the selection of teams from Asia for next year’s World Cup based on the last five World Cup selections. The ICC has said it will look into the performance of the last five U-19 World Cup qualifiers after seeing indications that they will not be selected for the Asia Cup.

Nepal, UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore and Oman were in the Asia selection. As the IPL was held at that time with the Corona epidemic, there is no possibility of a competition. That is why neither team had started preparations for the competition.

The ICC has not yet officially announced that it will not be selected for the U-19 World Cup in Asia. But based on the latest information, the proposal to allow one team to play in the last five World Cups seems to be moving forward as there is no possibility of selection.

A CAN source informed our sports that CAN had sent an email expressing dissatisfaction with the ICC’s proposal. ‘The ICC has proposed automatic selection based on the last five World Cup selections. The one who has won the championship more will be able to play. “Nepal has lost the World Cup because the ICC did not base its performance on the Asia Cup and the ACC Trophy,” the source said.

‘In the last five editions, UAE and Nepal have participated in the World Cup twice. In this case, who won the championship more. Nepal had lost to UAE in the semifinals in the 2013 selection. Last time, UAE became the champion by defeating Nepal by one run. That is why the UAE has become a strong base to reach the World Cup ‘, the source said. Nepal has won 8 out of 10 matches against UAE and lost 2 matches. But the two defeats were at a critical juncture.

In the current situation, CAN is also waiting for the decision of the ICC. Nepal will not be able to play in the U-19 World Cup if the ICC’s proposal is not implemented. Under the selection, Nepal always lost to Afghanistan and was limited to runners-up. It was unfortunate for Nepal to be second behind UAE by one run on the occasion when Afghanistan was directly selected. Nepal had sent a letter to the ICC and all the participating associate teams and the ACC a few weeks ago to select Asia as they would incur huge losses due to the lack of competition.

In the U-19 World Cup Asia selection held in Malaysia in 2019, UAE was at the top with 10 points in 5 games and made it to the World Cup. Nepal lost to UAE by one run on the basis of Duckworth Lebis method due to rain. The one-run defeat is also seen as an obstacle in the 2022 World Cup.

In the 2017 Asia Cup qualifiers, Nepal was in second place after losing to Afghanistan. The UAE did not participate in the election. Nepal had lost to UAE by 76 runs in the semi-finals of the U-19 Elite Cup held in Malaysia for the 2014 U-19 World Cup. In the final, UAE lost to Afghanistan by 10 wickets. But for the first time, the UAE played in the U-19 World Cup as the host of the World Cup.

Nepal finished 13th in 2012 and eighth in the 2016 U-19 World Cup. In 2014, it was selected automatically as it was hosted by UAE at home. The 2020 World Cup was played behind Nepal. Nepal has played seven times while UAE has participated in U-19 World Cup only twice.

Nepal played five consecutive World Cups from 2000 to 2008. He became the plate champion by defeating New Zealand in 2006. In 2008, they lost to the West Indies in the final of the Plate Championship. Nepal has not played U-19 World Cup since 2016. Looking at the entire U-19 World Cup history, Asia Cup, Asia selection and the craze of Nepali cricket, there is little hope that the competition can be held. In 2022, Nepal had high potential to play in the U-19 World Cup

The new faces seen in domestic cricket lately showed more enthusiasm, happiness and potential. But when it comes to not having a choice, there is despair again. Can is preparing to hold the U-19 national competition in late August or September.

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