My second teacher’s 1 lakh prize for designing cricket team jersey

The Nepal Cricket Association (NCA) and My Second Teacher (MST), the main sponsor of the Nepali national cricket team, have opened a competition to design the jersey of the national cricket team. CAN and MST said in a joint statement today that the competition for the design of the jersey is open.

The designer has to keep in mind both the front and back of the national team jersey. “Anyone designing a jersey should use the red and blue colors used in Nepal’s national flag,” the statement said. When designing a jersey, the designer has to follow the rules of the International Cricket Council (ICC) that the national team has to follow.

Sulabh Budhathoki, co-founder of My Second Teacher, said, “We have collaborated with CAN to select the design through open competition so that the jersey of the Nepali team is good and excellent.” Hopefully, more people will take part in it and the Nepali team will get a design that will catch everyone’s eye. The best design will be used by the Nepali team in the upcoming competitions in the coming days and the winner will be given a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh by MySecond.

Cane has found My Second Teacher as the main sponsor of the national team through the advertising agency Ad Pad. According to Suraj Giri, managing director of Ad Pad, the best designer will get Rs 1 lakh in cash as a prize.

Nepal will face Scotland and Namibia in their second series of the World Cup in Spain in July. The deadline to submit your design is the 17th of this month. The design can be emailed to and all information is available on CAN’s website, Giri said.

Meanwhile, My Second Teacher awarded Rs 500,000 in cash to the Nepali team that won the triangular series involving Nepal, the Netherlands and Malaysia earlier this month, as well as four players who made their debut in the series, Kushal Bhurtel, Asif Sheikh, Shahab Alam and Kamal Singh Airy. One lakh projects are to be handed over in a few days.

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