Live broadcast of Euro Cup in DishHome, Commentary in Nepali language

Nepal’s DTH service provider DishHome will broadcast the EuroCup live.

The Euro Cup will be telecast live on Dishhome’s Acton Sports Channel. The live broadcast of the Euro Cup from Dishhome can be heard in both Nepali and English, while the inbuilt language will be English commentary.

You can even watch commentary in Nepali language remotely. Dishhome’s customers can view the commentary in Nepali by clicking on the yellow audio button on the remote. If it is coming in English, Nepali comes after pressing the audio button and if it is coming in Nepali, it comes in English.

DishHome’s Acton Sports channel is also available on other cable operators.

Dishhome’s Action Sports HD Channel Clear TV (Channel No. 543), SIM TV (Channel No. 105 and 991), My TV (Channel No. 900), Net TV (Channel No. 529), DOEAN TV (Channel No.4200) and Prabhu TV (Channel No. 716.)

Dishhome has also stated that you can watch Action Sports Channel in SD quality on Channel 105 and HD Quality on Channel 991.

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