Gaurika’s average performance at Tokyo Olympics

Gaurika Singh before her practice session at Hotel Annapurna in Kathmandu on Monday, August 26, 2019. Photo: Udipt Singh Chhetry/THT

Nepal’s Gaurika Singh  completed the required distance in 1 minute 0.11 seconds. She finished third in a four-player hit. Earlier, she set a national record in 58.13 seconds to win a gold medal in the 13th South Asian Games. She also beat the Indian player to win gold at that time. The competition was held on a 25 meter bridge. In the international competition, she had a best time of 1 minute 0.62 seconds in 2019.

She has been training continuously since then and has got the opportunity to compete for the second time in a row on the basis of Universality Places. With a total of 51 players, the top 16 players will make it to the semi-finals. Gaurika’s chances of reaching the next stage have been ruled out.

Earlier on Tuesday, swimmer Alexander Shah (Alex) set a national record by winning his hit in the men’s 100m freestyle. Alex set a new record by completing the prescribed distance in 53.41 seconds. He has earlier improved his own record of 55.38 seconds. Alex could not make it to the next round.

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