We will get majority in upcoming election says CPN-UML chairperson KP Sharma Oli

CPN-UML Chairperson and former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has claimed that his party will win the upcoming election. Speaking at a meeting organized by the party’s Kathmandu district committee on Saturday, he claimed that a majority could be brought as there were no more elements in the party.

“We will show them by bringing a majority in the next election. Trying to move forward, dragging one’s feet, trying to make a candidate, putting forward the winner, saying that one who is not dedicated to the party should be put forward as a candidate said Oli. He also said, “Now they will cross the floor and run after Sher Bahadur Deuba. Without such elements, the party will bring a clear majority.”

Stating that the party should show strong position in the upcoming election, Chairman Oli also urged all the leaders and cadres of the party to contribute to make the party united. He further said, “Now this party will have to show its strong position with victory in the upcoming elections.” I would like to urge the comrades not to get entangled in petty matters, not to have internal quarrels, not to pay attention to where I am, where my position is, to divide the work properly, to select the right candidate and to move the party forward in a united and disciplined manner. ‘

Similarly, Chairman Oli expressed his indignation at the Supreme Court for ordering the removal of the government led by him. Claiming that the petition submitted to the President by the brokers of fake, slanderous, fake and reactionary to overthrow the government was invalid, he also objected to the court’s decision not to take action against such illegal, slanderous, fake and undisciplined acts. ‘The government was overthrown by the brokers of counterfeiters, swindlers, liars and reactionaries. Such work is undisciplined in the parliamentary system. That is a matter to be dealt with, “said Oli, sarcastically referring to the court’s decision. Is this the interpretation that always works?

Chairman Oli objected that the court did not take action against those who crossed the floor violating the party’s whip.

Similarly, Chairman Oli also claimed that the government led by him has worked towards the goal of ‘Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepalis’. He also claimed that the Nepali people would once again give a majority to his party to make the country prosperous.

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