Is getting vaccinated really not important?

Coronavirus has taken down the world with a huge blow. Everyone is locked into their own home. Schools, restaurants, offices, and parks have long been closed. It is one of the most contagious diseases ever recorded in history. But comparatively, the death toll of covid-19 is significantly lower. Several vaccines have been formulated. But the new variant of the coronavirus is even deadlier and stronger than the previous one. After everything that has happened in the last one and a half year, some might say that getting vaccinated will do no good but is it really true?

The Spanish flu of 1918, similar to Covid-19 attacks the respiratory system. It had gripped the world in its hands. It claimed 50 million lives worldwide. Three waves occurred for three years continuously until the pandemic came to an end, where infected people either died or developed immunity to fight against it. Cholera one of the deadliest diseases had up to the seventh wave in 1961-1957 A.D. There have been several outbreaks of cholera after 1957 A.D. but with the help of vaccines and preventive measures, death rates have been reduced.

But unless the virus is completely eradicated, those who are infected either die or develop immunity systems; else the virus will keep on getting back with its new variants. As per Darwin’s survival theory, the virus also fights back for its survival. This becomes a war between humankind and the virus for the survival of the fittest. So, the more we fight, it tries to fight back as well. The only way to ease this virus from spreading and making even deadlier variants is by building our immune system.
The fastest way to build an immunity system is to get vaccinated.

Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen are some widely known vaccines. In order to be fully vaccinated some vaccines require two doses. Generally, it takes around two weeks for a body to be fully vaccinated and build immunity against the virus. If it has been less than two weeks after the second shot or someone still needs to take a second dose of vaccine then that person is not fully protected.

As of today, more than 119 million doses have been administered to different parts of the world. The number looks huge but it is not even near to what the science wants to see i.e., 70% to 80% of the world’s population to be vaccinated. Then only we can go back to live our normal lives.

The Bloomberg model shows that if the vaccination rate remains the same, the pandemic could last even up to 7 years.
The US is in its third wave; Japan is currently facing the fourth wave; Nepal and India are facing their second wave. Now, the question remains how long will this pandemic last. Well, it highly depends on the evolution of the variant of corona and the ability of vaccines to keep up with it. Also, depends on the duration of the protective immunity of the vaccine. Researches have shown that the immunity induced from vaccines lasts for at least eight months and self-induced immunity can last up to years. This shows that getting vaccinated is the best option to eradicate the virus.

Unfortunately, only some countries can afford to purchase the vaccine to vaccinate their entire population. Developing and under-developed countries such as Nepal remain with very few numbers vaccination. To stop this disparity, COVAX (co-led by CEPI, Gavi, and WHO) aims to deliver poorer nations enough doses to vaccinate 20% of the total population. Nepal has received 1.92 million vaccine doses by the end of May 2021 from COVAX, in support of a nationwide vaccination campaign.

Even though variants keep on coming back, the vaccines will continue to protect us and the disruption to most people’s lives won’t necessarily last the full duration. Prevention of symptoms can make viruses much less dangerous. Well, the aftermath of the virus could be long-lasting but it will not last forever. An upcoming couple of months will be painful, but with help of safety measures as well as immunity building and collaboration worldwide will bring this catastrophe to an end.

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