World doubts Taliban’s promises

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid speaks at his first news conference, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2021. For years, Mujahid had been a shadowy figure issuing statements on behalf of the militants. Mujahid vowed Tuesday that the Taliban would respect women's rights, forgive those who resisted them and ensure a secure Afghanistan as part of a publicity blitz aimed at convincing world powers and a fearful population that they have changed. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

After taking control of Afghanistan’s power, the Taliban have told reporters that the media and women will be given freedom. But the United Nations has doubts about these promises. In its first press conference on Tuesday, a Taliban spokesman said that they would not enforce the inhuman rules and regulations like in the 1990s and women and the media would be given freedom. But the international community, including the United Nations, is unable to believe these promises. After the press conference, the United Nations said that before trusting the words of the Taliban, their deeds have to be seen. UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters, “We have to see what actually happens. We have to see what is done on the ground to fulfill the promises.” Germany has also expressed doubts about the Taliban’s promises and has spoken of forming an opinion about them on the basis of deeds more than words.While the US has expressed hope that the Taliban will live up to its promises.In pictures: Heartwarming pictures of Kabul American State Department spokesman Ned Price said: “If the Taliban say they will respect the rights of their citizens, we will keep an eye on them to keep their promises.”

What did the Taliban say?

The extremist Islamic organization held its first press conference on Tuesday and answered questions from journalists after 20 years of re-occupation of power in Afghanistan. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said everyone would be forgiven and no one would be avenged. The Mujahid said, “We do not want any internal or external enemy. Whoever is from the other side, everyone from A to Z will be forgiven.” A Taliban spokesman said a new government would be formed soon. Although it was not clarified what the new government would be like, it did say that all sides would be contacted. Zabiullah Mujahid said that women should be encouraged to work and educate. and will play a very active role in the society ‘within the realm of Islam’. The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. During that time Sharia (Islamic law) was implemented in the country and women were allowed to work, Restrictions were imposed for girls to study and go out of the house alone without any man.

Many people fear that the same law will be implemented again if the Taliban comes to power again. Women’s apprehension Afghan women are apprehensive about the promises made by the Taliban. Pashtana Durrani, 23, who works for women’s education, says, “They have to do what they are saying. At the moment they are not doing it.” As the Taliban marched towards Kabul, conquering areas one by one, many women were asked to leave work. There have also been reports of Taliban fighters breaking into people’s homes and killing them. Said it would not happen. See: 10 dates of Taliban victory The Mujahid said, “Nobody will harm you. No one will knock on your door. If anyone does this, he will be punished.

Mujahid also appealed to the families trying to leave Afghanistan to return and said that nothing will happen to you. Immigration Crisis According to US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, the Taliban have agreed to give safe passage to those who want to leave Afghanistan under the direction of America. However, Jake Sullivan admitted that some people trying to reach Kabul Airport have been turned back or even beaten up. But he told that a large number of people are reaching the airport. NATO Secretary General Yens Stoltenberg has said that the Taliban should let go of those who want to leave the country. He said that NATO’s goal was to help create a country that was in a state of development and if it did not, then it could even be attacked.

Britain has said that it is considering taking 5,000 refugees from Afghanistan this year, which could be up to 20 thousand in the long term. The British Interior Ministry issued a statement saying, “The rehabilitation scheme will be continued in the future and the number can be increased to 20,000 in the long term.”

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