Will stop the return of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan : America

General Miller, who commanded the US military in Afghanistan for three years, has reached his country. Here he was received at the Pentagon by Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, saying that the Afghan mission was not over yet. America will stop the return of terrorist organizations to Afghanistan. The Defense Minister has said that the withdrawal of the army will definitely happen by August, but even after that, the Afghan army will continue to be given equal help. No terrorist organization will be allowed to return. For this, apart from military help, assistance is also being provided in other ways. According to Reuters, conflicting claims have been made regarding the occupation of Spin Boldak, a trading town along the Pakistan border.

Conflicting claims regarding occupation of trading town

Afghanistan’s military claims it has recaptured the trading city. Here the Taliban has said that its occupation remains. Spin Boldak is an important trading town and receives over nine hundred trucks of goods every day.

No country in Central Asia ready for US military base

According to the AP, after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the US is keen to build a military base in a country in Central Asia. For this diplomatic efforts have intensified in all Central Asian countries. At present, America has not got any success in this. Most of the countries are under the influence of Russia. According to ANI, White House Advisor Elizabeth Sherwood Randall held a meeting with five countries of Central Asia in Tashkent. In this meeting, he said that America will prepare the basis of peace in Afghanistan.

SCO condemns violence in Afghanistan

According to Pretr, foreign ministers of seven countries, including India, have criticized the violence in Afghanistan at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting in Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan. Terrorist organizations have been held responsible for the violence. The organization said in a statement that the United Nations should also increase its role in this matter.

US condemns killing of 22 Afghan soldiers

According to ANI, the US has condemned the shooting of 22 Afghan soldiers in Faryab province, bordering Turkmenistan, as a brutal homicide.

More than 13 million Afghan citizens unemployed

According to ANI, the Taliban have destroyed 260 civilian facilities in 28 provinces in Afghanistan. Thousands of people have become unemployed in this. Civil Service Commission chief Nadar Naderi said that more than one crore 30 lakh people have become unemployed so far.

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