Who is the youngest person to go into space with Jeff Bezos?

Oliver Dayman, 18 years old boy is the youngest person to go into space. He will fly into space on July 20 with his company’s first manned flight with outgoing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and become the youngest space tourist.

In fact, Oliver Dayman got this unique opportunity because of an unknown person. The man had bought a spaceship ticket with Bezos for 28 million.

According to Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin, the man who bought the 28 million ticket could not travel to space due to lack of time and was replaced by 18 year old Dayman.

Remember, Oliver Dayman is the son of Joyce Dayman, CEO of Somerset Capital Partners, a young financial company.

According to Blue Origin, Joyce Dayman had booked a seat for the second flight and was given a chance after the first winner withdrew his name. When it was his turn, Joyce decided to send his son into space instead.

According to Blue Origin, Oliver Dayman is a physics student.

Along with Oliver, 82-year-old Vali Funk will also participate in the spaceflight. With that flight, Vali will become the oldest person in the world to reach space.

So Jeff Bezos’s space flight will be filled with records. Where the world’s youngest and oldest person will reach space.

In addition to the three, Jeff Bezos’ brother will be on board the New Shepherd rocket.

The company has not yet announced the name of the ticket winner, despite reports that tickets for the space trip sold for ८० 28 million. Many people are surprised when Blue Origin announces that a young man will fly in their place as the winner is finally out of the flight due to lack of time.

Why did the person who bought the ticket at such a high price cancel the flight and withdraw his name? The company has not given clear information about that.

Blue Origin has not disclosed how much her father, Joyce Dayman, paid for his flight ticket.

The company says the flight will fulfill Oliver’s dream of carrying space, the moon and rockets from the age of four.

Blue Origin’s plan is to take its passengers more than 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface where passengers can experience microgravity. Gravity is very weak in microgravity and people can experience almost weightlessness.

The journey is expected to be completed in about 10 minutes and the passengers will land by parachute.

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. He founded a space company called Blue Origin in 2000.

Last month, he announced that his company would launch a rocket into space.

With this flight of Jeff Bezos, he will become the second billionaire to reach space with his own investment rocket. Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Galactic Company, successfully returned to space last week via his company’s rocket ship.

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