What is ISIS ? Why it’s more dangerous than Taliban ?

The Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on Kabul airport. About 60 people were killed and 100 were injured in this bombing of American soldiers and those leaving Afghanistan. ISIS-K has reported that their attacker had managed to reach the Baran camp near Kabul airport, where American soldiers and their allies were present in large numbers, after which the attacker detonated himself.

Reports said ISIS-K, a local ally of Islamic State, had long planned attacks on American personnel. Please tell that this team is active in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This group is considered the most violent of all jihadist and extremist organizations in Afghanistan. This organization recruits people from both Pakistan and Afghanistan countries.

This organization mainly includes those who have left the Taliban and understand that their organization is no longer as fanatical. The organization is part of the Islamic State’s global network.

What is ISIS-K?

ISIS-K is named after an old site located in northeastern Iran, southern Turkmenistan and northern Afghanistan. It was first seen in eastern Afghanistan in late 2014. It soon became known for its brutality. Some experts on Islamic extremism say that when Pakistan security forces cracked down on some of the Taliban, they fled to Afghanistan and founded it.

US intelligence officials previously told CNN that ISIS-K membership includes “a small number of experienced Syrian jihadists and other foreign terrorist fighters”. The US had identified 10 to 15 of the top activists in Afghanistan.

Where do they live?

This terrorist organization was seen in recent years especially in Nangar and Kunar Pants of Afghanistan. ISIS-K has established its factions here, after which they have carried out several suicide attacks in and outside the Afghan capital since 2016. ISIS-K was initially limited to a few areas along the Pakistan border but then it established a major front in the northern provinces like Jazzan and Faryab.

How did it strengthen its position?

US intelligence says it took advantage of the political situation in Afghanistan and the escalating violence, after which it increased the pace of recruiting Taliban members.

Is ISIS-K linked to Taliban?

Both ISIS and Taliban are radical Sunni Islamist terrorists but they are not friends but enemies and oppose each other. ISIS-K has major differences with the Taliban. ISIS-K accused the Taliban of giving up jihad and accepting peace talks in Qatar’s posh hotels.

Their differences are also ideological, according to the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University. “The hostility between the two groups arose from both ideological differences and competition for resources. IS accused the Taliban of drawing its legitimacy from a narrow ethnic and nationalist base rather than a universal Islamic sect,” the center said.

The Associated Press reports that the Taliban have sought talks with the US in recent years, resisting which many have turned to the more extremist Islamic State.

However, there is a connection between the two organizations through the Haqqani network. The researchers point out that there are deep connections between ISIS-K and the Haqqani network. On this basis, he also builds a relationship with the Taliban.

What is their target?

ISIS-K has carried out several suicide bombings against government and foreign military targets in Kabul and other cities. Experts have said these are aimed at establishing a reputation as a more violent and extreme extremist movement.

It has been blamed for a number of attacks, from the executions of village elders to the killings of Red Cross workers and suicide attacks on mobs. Its recent targets included a Sufi mosque in Kabul, fuel tankers and Shia bus passengers. US officials also believe that the attack on a girls’ school, primarily for the Shia Hazara minority, was also the work of ISIS-K.

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