US launches airstrikes against Taliban in Afghanistan

The U.S. military has launched airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby was quoted by the international media as saying that the United States had carried out airstrikes in support of government security forces.

Kirby said he had carried out airstrikes in recent days in support of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, but could not provide further details. More than four airstrikes were carried out in support of the Afghan government on Wednesday and Thursday, the Associated Press reported, citing another US defense official. He said the Taliban had destroyed weapons and vehicles looted by the Afghan army.

A Taliban spokesman, Jabihullah Mujahid, condemned the attack and said there were no casualties. “The United States is acting in clear violation of the Doha Agreement. We will not rest on our laurels and the United States will be responsible for the consequences, “Mujahid told the The Gurkha Times.

The Taliban have taken control of much of Afghanistan since the withdrawal of US troops from the country. A Pentagon spokesman said the United States would continue to support the Afghan army even after it withdrew.

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