US commander warns of civil war in Afghanistan

A senior US military commander has warned that the return of US troops could lead to a civil war in Afghanistan. The United States has been withdrawing troops from Afghanistan since last month.

Meanwhile, Taliban fighters have also seized several districts in Afghanistan. This has raised fears of a civil war in Afghanistan.

The United States has said it will withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan by September 11. Talking about the current situation in Afghanistan, US General Scott Miller said that the political leadership of Afghanistan is facing a very difficult time in the coming days as it has not been able to unite the people.

Earlier, the United Nations had also expressed concern over the growing influence of the Taliban. The United Nations has said the Taliban have taken control of several districts without a full US military presence.

According to international media reports, the Taliban have seized about 50 of Afghanistan’s 370 districts. The group is also moving toward the capital, Kabul. The Taliban have claimed control of about 100 districts so far.

Meanwhile, the US commander said that the situation in Afghanistan was not right. He says the threat of civil war is growing. Miller said the threat of a civil war would increase if the Taliban continued at its current pace. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat the US military.”I don’t want to see an air strike,” he said. However, first we must ensure that there is no violence. ”

Just a few days ago, US President Joe Biden said that now the people of Afghanistan have to decide their own future.

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