Taliban taking control of Afghanistan

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff says that Afghanistan’s security, the will of the government and the people will be tested. General Mark Milley has said that it is not difficult for him to take complete control of Afghanistan, We are hoping for a political solution through talks. He also said the Taliban had gained “strategic momentum” through the attacks, but their victory was not certain.

Addressing a news conference at the Pentagon, Mark Milley said the Taliban had clearly achieved “strategic leadership” in the fight for control of Afghanistan. He said the Taliban had increased their pressure on major cities and that the stage was set for a decisive battle in the coming weeks.

Gen Milley said, “The will of the Afghan leadership, the Afghan people, the Afghan and security forces is going to be tested.” The game isn’t over yet. It’s over. The Pentagon says that 95 percent of the withdrawal work has been completed and the troop withdrawal will be completed by August 31. However, the Biden administration has promised to continue providing financial and military aid to Afghan security forces after August.

General Milley said the Taliban had captured nearly half of Afghanistan’s 400 districts. Although he has not yet captured any of the 34 provincial capitals, he has exerted significant pressure on nearly half of them. With the Taliban occupying more and more areas, Afghan security forces are focusing on consolidating their positions to protect the population in Kabul and other areas. “The Taliban have captured important areas in the past few months and the speed at which they are moving is in a way a decisive step,” Milley said. Trying to give that his victory over the US-backed Kabul government was inevitable, he believed the Afghan army and police had received training and weapons.

“On that basis they can compete,” Milley says, adding that talks could lead to a political solution, but denied “complete occupation by the Taliban”. Milley said, “I don’t think the game is over.” According to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, “we will now focus on combating the threat of terrorism and not the Taliban in Afghanistan”. Will keep an eye on Qaeda, an extremist network that used Afghanistan to plot an attack on America in 2001 and later made it a haven” According to Austin, “there should be no export of violence and terrorism from Afghanistan to our country So we will not only maintain the ability to detect these threats, but also address them before they arise.

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