Taliban kills girl for wearing tight clothes

Adil Shah Adil, a police spokesman in Balkh, was quoted as saying that the victim's name was Nazneen and she was 21 years old

With the occupation of the Taliban in Afghanistan, its brutality is increasing. The Taliban killed a 21-year-old girl in the war-torn country’s Balkh province. The only fault of the girl was that she was wearing some tight shirt and she went out alone without a man. Let us tell you that in the Taliban there is a ban on leaving the house of women alone.

Reports say that the girl was shot dead by Taliban extremists in Samar Kandian village. This village is under the control of Taliban. Adil Shah Adil, a police spokesman in Balkh, was quoted as saying that the victim’s name was Nazneen and she was 21 years old.

Murder even after wearing a burqa

Taliban fighters attacked the girl only after she left the house. The girl was getting in a vehicle to go to Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital of Balkh, when she was murdered. Police said the woman was wearing a burqa at the time of the attack, which covered both her face and body.

Taliban denies allegations

At the same time, the Taliban has denied the attack. A spokesman for the organization said it was investigating the attack. The Taliban is kidnapping girls and women in Afghanistan. Later, she is forcibly married to his fighters.

Taliban asked for the names of wives and widows of policemen

The Mail on Sunday reported in its report that whenever a radical group is occupying a village, town or district in Afghanistan, it uses the loudspeakers of a local mosque to speak to the wives and widows of local government employees and policemen. Issuing the order to hand over the name. Local residents and officials told the newspaper that the group had coaxed hundreds of young women into post-war captives to marry their fighters.

These restrictions on Afghan womens

The Taliban have ordered Afghan women to cover their bodies from head to toe and not to work outside. Not only this, the education of girls has also been banned. Apart from this, in many parts of Faryab, the Taliban have also banned the sale of women’s goods in shops. The local people of Faryab say that people are punished severely for not following the rules made by the Taliban.

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