President Xi Jinping warns of readiness for military conflict on Afghan border

Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned the country’s military leadership to be prepared for conflict as there could be an armed conflict on the Afghan border.

He said on Friday that China should be ready for military action. China has been on high alert since the US withdrew from Afghanistan in September.

On the eve of the 94th anniversary of the formation of the People’s Liberation Army, Xi called for increasing the country’s military strength. Authorities in Beijing have expressed concern over the resurgence of the Taliban and growing regional instability following the US repatriation.

Xi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi have said that Uighur separatists will be able to carry out terrorist attacks and attack the Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang as soon as US troops return to the United States.

‘National defense and the military must be at the forefront of building a modern socialist nation and achieving the goals of the second century. The task of integrating national defense and building a strong army must be accelerated, “Xi said.

“We must focus on strengthening the war plan and preparing for military conflict,” he added.

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