Kim Jong Un’s injury mark on head, is Kim troubled by some illness ?

There was a great apprehension that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un could be suffering from a deadly disease. For the past several months, Kim Jong Un has been getting lean and now reports are coming that Kim Jong Un’s health may be very bad. Actually, this apprehension is being raised after the pictures in which Kim Jong Un was seen with a bandage on his head.

Kim jong un bandage on his head

According to reports, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been seen with a black spot as well as a bandage on the back of his head during several public events last month. According to South Korea’s NK News site, Kim Jong Un appeared at events of the Korean People’s Army from July 24 to July 27, and from July 27 to 29, addressed the country’s army officers as well as attended military events. Had it. Video footage of the event shows Kim Jong Un having a bandage tied behind his forehead.

Kim’s head injury

According to the report of South Korea’s NK News site, Kim Jong has bruises on his head and the bandage is very small, like a postage stamp. At the same time, dark green spots or bruises can be seen on his head. It looks like he has large, dark green spots on the back right side of his head. However, nothing has been decided yet whether Kim Jong Un has suffered a head injury or he has some disease or what is the reason behind that bandage. NK News also reported that the mark on Kim Jong Un’s head was not seen at a Politburo meeting on June 29.

Is Kim troubled by some illness?

The Yonhap news agency said on Tuesday that South Korea’s National Intelligence Service believes there are no unusual signs regarding Kim Jong Un’s health. Detectives from South Korea’s intelligence agency have discovered that the bandage around Kim Jong Un’s head was later removed. In July, South Korean lawmaker Kim Byung-ki told the National Intelligence Service that Kim Jong Un had lost 10 to 20 kilograms, but had no major health problems affecting his regime.

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