Kim Jong-un: North Korean leader prepares for talks and confrontation with United States

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has remarked that his country should prepare for both “negotiations and confrontations” with United States.North Korean media reported this on Friday. This statement from North Korea comes at a time when the US and other major powers have urged North Korea to abandon its nuclear program and return to the path of dialogue.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said on Thursday that Kim issued an order on what steps North Korea should take in response to President Joe Biden’s new US government policy during an ongoing ruling party meeting in Pyongyang. KCNA said Kim stressed the need to be prepared for both talks and confrontations, especially being fully prepared for confrontation.

KCNA reported that Kim said in his own words that such preparations are necessary to protect the dignity and interests of our state for independent development and to guarantee a peaceful environment and the security of our state. In 2018–2019, Kim held a series of high-profile summits with Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, to discuss the future of his advance nuclear arsenal. But their nuclear talks eventually broke down after Trump rejected Kim’s call for widespread sanctions relief in exchange for a partial surrender of his nuclear capability.

US President Joe Biden has already said that he is ready to meet with North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un, but the two should discuss North Korea’s nuclear program. He has also said that convincing North Korea to give up its nuclear program will be a difficult task.

Kim Jong-un’s remarks come just days after he formally acknowledged that the country is facing food shortages.

Currently, relations between North Korean leader Kim and the administration of US President Biden are strained.

Just days before Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, North Korea demonstrated its strength by conducting a large-scale military parade with new missiles.

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