Israel launches air strikes on Gaza, claiming to have attacked its territory with balloons

The Israeli air force has carried out air strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip.The Israeli military has confirmed details provided by Palestinian security forces and eyewitnesses.

Israel has said it responded by sending explosives to Hamas in southern Israel on Tuesday.

A Hamas radio station said a training center had also been targeted.

The militant group called Tuesday a “day of outrage” over protests in Jerusalem.

Air strikes

Explosions were heard in Gaza early Wednesday morning.

Earlier, several balloon bombs, known as balloon bombs, were sent from Gaza to Israel on Tuesday.

This is the biggest tension since both sides agreed to end the fighting on May 21.

The Israeli Defense Forces said in a statement that Hamas’s military bases in Khan Younis and Gaza City had been attacked by its fighter jets.

Stating that there was “terrorist activity” in the area, he said the IDF was “ready for all circumstances” to stop such acts from continuing in the Gaza Strip.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

But a BBC correspondent in Gaza posted a video on social media saying Israeli drones had been heard in the area.

Palestinians use explosive-laden balloons as weapons

Rally organized

The Israeli fire service had earlier said that at least 20 fires had broken out in southern Israel due to fire-fighting balloons sent from Gaza.

It also warned that Israeli nationalists would take action against Tuesday’s rally in East Jerusalem.

The rally was held in 1967 in the context of Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem.

Though planned to take place in early May, it was delayed due to police refusal and Hamas warnings.

More than 30 people have been injured and 17 arrested in clashes with Israeli police.

Ahead of the rally, local media reported that the Israeli army was on high alert.

Israel’s Aaron Dome missile system was also said to have been activated, targeting a possible rocket attack from Palestine.

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