Fires in Turkey: Hundreds of volunteers came forward to help

Hundreds of volunteers have come forward to help extinguish wildfires that have ravaged large parts of Turkey’s southern part.

Actor Tevfik Erman Kutlu was in Istanbul on a break from work when he learned about the fire. Quick to assist with the firefighting efforts, Kutlu and his five friends traveled 725 km to reach Marmaris, a coastal area.

After reaching there, these men formed a human chain, helped firefighters in carrying fire extinguishers, twisting the hose of the firefighting truck and even pouring water under full pressure on the flames under the guidance of firefighters. But the fire itself was extinguished.

The 41-year-old film and television actor said, “Instead of sitting at home and watching videos of fire on social media, I wanted to do something useful.”

In addition to the actor and his friends, hundreds of volunteers are helping douse forest fires in Turkey’s south and southwest coastlines due to hot winds, low humidity and strong winds. Eight people, including a volunteer who was delivering drinking water and food items for firefighters in Marmaris, have died in what is said to be the worst fire ever in Turkey.

The fire has destroyed acres of forest near the country’s favorite tourist destinations, killing countless animals and displacing thousands of people. Agricultural land has also been destroyed, causing livelihood crisis.

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