Death by Mistake: Jumped from 160 feet high bridge without cord, died of heart attack in the air

In Colombia, a woman who went for bungee jumping died due to a mistake. The woman jumped considering her instructor’s signal as a jump signal, while that signal was for her boyfriend. The woman fell straight to the ground from a height of 160 feet, although she died of a heart attack.

A 25 year old woman was killed while trying to do something exciting in Colombia. A woman fond of bungee jumping jumped from 160 feet, but she died of a heart attack in the air. In fact, after the jump, the woman realised that she was not wearing a bungee cord, due to which she died of a heart attack in the middle.

Gomez fell straight on the ground

According to the news published in ‘The Sun’, Yesenia Morales Gomez recently went bungee jumping from a 160 feet high bridge. There she mistook a signal of the instructor as a signal to jump and jumped off the bridge. After this he realised that he was not wearing a bungee cord. Before anyone could understand, Yesenia fell to the ground. He was somehow taken to the hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead.

Went for jumping for the first time

Earlier it was believed that Yesenia Morales Gomez died due to hitting the ground, but the medical report has made it clear that the cause of Yesenia’s death was a heart attack. The report said that Yesenia died of a heart attack before hitting the ground. Yecenia, a lawyer by profession, went to Antioquia, Colombia for the first time with her boyfriend for bungee jumping.

Boyfriend was given a signal to jump

According to the news, the instructor had asked Yesenia’s boyfriend to jump, but she felt that the instructor had given her a jump signal and she jumped. After the accident, with the help of a firefighter, Yesenia was taken to the hospital, but by then she had died. Yesenia’s family is in shock after this accident.

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