Coronavirus Timeline and Treatment Method

At this time, India and Nepal are affected by the second wave of corona epidemic. Millions of daily infections and thousands of deaths are India’s destiny in the last one month. In Nepal too, around 10,000 people are infected daily and more than 200 are dying daily.

In such a situation, it is not easy for everyone to get a place in the hospital. However, patients who can be cured by treatment at home are also at risk as they do not know the different stages of the corona infection and its treatment.

Matthew Varghese, a senior physician at St. Stephen’s Hospital in New Delhi, India, explains in very simple terms what the timeline of corona infection is, what day to treat, what medication to use, and so on.

Timeline of corona virus

It’s been a year and a half since the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19). The horror that was there in the beginning has not abated even now. But today we have a better understanding of Corona. What do we call coronavirus? What complications can infections cause in the human body? What to do when We are aware of such issues.

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But, we don’t know which patient’s health deteriorates and goes to the ventilator? Who doesn’t go There is no way to find out. So we need to know what happens after a corona infection.

The virus enters our body through inhalation. It goes into our cells, and becomes part of the cell itself. Even the medicine doesn’t work at this time, because the cells, not the virus, have to be killed. Killing a cell is like setting a house on fire. So we have no cure for coronavirus.

Once the virus enters the body, it makes millions of viruses in a short time by doing two / four / eight. In a day or two, millions of viruses can form in infected cells. If the virus gets in the throat, millions of viruses will be formed there. The throat begins to itch, coughing. The immune system in our body knows that the virus has arrived. Our body makes antibodies and starts fighting against it.

It is a normal process that any virus that attacks our body can be defeated only by our own immune system and not by drugs. This procedure also applies to the common cold and other viral diseases.

Focus on when the first symptoms appear. At the first sign, you may have a sore throat, cough, fever, itching, headache, or occasional diarrhea. Any or all of these symptoms can also appear.

In the case of the corona, on the third / fourth day after the virus enters our body, a significant number of viruses are formed and our body also has sufficient amount of antibodies. Then the battle between the two begins. During this fight, a chemical called cytokines is produced in our blood.

These chemicals cause our body temperature to rise. Problems such as muscle aches and body aches also appear. If there is an infection in the throat, the throat becomes swollen because there is a lot of virus in the throat. I also have a cough. So all of this is the result of a large number of coronaviruses appearing in our body and fighting the body’s immune system.

How to find out the day the infection started?

The incubation period of the virus is about five days from the time the virus enters our body until the first symptoms appear. It could be two days earlier. However, with corona infections on the rise, no one knows where the infection came from.

During the first wave, most people knew they had an infection because they went to a wedding party, a party, or some other place. However, in the current epidemic, it is difficult for anyone to know for sure where the virus came from. So you can’t say for sure during the incubation period, that is, on which day the virus was transmitted to your body.

So set aside the incubation period now and focus on when the first symptoms appear. At the first sign, you may have a sore throat, cough, fever, itching, headache, or occasional diarrhea.

Any or all of these symptoms can be seen. You need to understand that the day you have symptoms is the first day you have symptoms due to corona infection.

When many people ask you what your first symptoms were, most people only notice the symptoms that hurt you the most. The day when the most painful symptoms appear is considered to be their first symptom. Some say I had symptoms last week.

But, it is important to pay attention to every little symptom. The timing of the first symptom must be accurate. It should be calculated on a daily basis and not on a weekly basis. Depending on the day of the symptom, a day or two of fluctuations will make it easier for you to win the corona or reach the ventilator.

A sore throat can be accompanied by a general fever. The next day the fever is a little higher and it persists for the third day. However, on the fourth day, the fever may drop to 99 or 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the normal temperature of the human body.

This is the final stage of infection in 80 percent of infected people, about 80 percent of people infected with corona have very simple symptoms. The symptoms disappear in three to four days. Then they are healed.

But 10 to 15 percent or 20 percent of people with corona infections have serious side effects. They take a new turn 5 days after the infection.

Signs of severe symptoms

In 15/20 percent of people, the infection takes a dangerous form. In this case, the fever that has healed may return. The fever may continue unabated or a dry cough may appear.

Fever is one of the three main signs that the corona infection is becoming serious or fatal. The fever is increasing or there was no fever before but the fever came and it can be more than 100 degrees.

Another sign of danger is chest pain or breathing problems. The third symptom is a dry cough. This can also make it difficult for you.

When you start seeing a second risky symptom, it is important to understand that it is not caused by a virus. Many people think that the virus causes pneumonia.

About 80 percent of people infected with corona have very simple symptoms. The symptoms disappear in three to four days. In 15/20 percent of people, the infection takes a dangerous form. In a dangerous situation, the fever increases or if it was not there before, now the fever comes. Another symptom is chest pain or breathing problems. The third symptom is a dry cough. This can make it difficult for you.

Initially, this was the biggest mistake made when the Corona epidemic broke out. X-rays showed that it looked like pneumonia.

However, a postmortem report in Italy revealed that it was not pneumonia but blood clots in the arteries. This is because of the antibodies that were made in our body due to the virus.

Risky stages of corona infection

How does this happen? The virus contains a very thin protein on the surface, which is recognized by our body’s antibodies. And, begins to attack. However, some cells that look the same and have the same structure are also found in the blood vessels of the lungs. This type of cell can also be seen in the intestines, liver and kidneys.

However, antibodies in our body attack cells that look like viruses in the blood vessels of the lungs, thinking they are viruses. Antibody attacks kill those blood vessel cells. Thus, after the blood vessel cells die, blood flow through the blood vessel cannot return to normal.

Then the inner surface of the blood vessel is not as smooth as before. In this case, the cells inside the blood begin to stick to it and blood clots in it in a short time. This obstructs the blood flow in the blood vessels.

The lungs carry oxygen from the air to the bloodstream. But when this problem is seen in the lungs, oxygen cannot reach the blood. Due to which the amount of oxygen in the blood decreases and breathing becomes difficult. The difficulty of breathing depends on how bad the lungs are.

If you have asthma, diabetes and other chronic diseases, the risk is even higher. And, Corona can win at any time. In order not to reach this stage, we have to find the first dangerous turn and stop it.

Potential damage and prevention

In some people this kind of effect can be very deadly. We still don’t know why some people are so affected by corona infection. This may be due to hereditary traits and environmental factors or both. In reality, though, some people are more affected than others.

If too much blood clots in the blood vessels of the body, it may be necessary to give oxygen externally. This increases the flow rate of oxygen and the human brain has to keep giving oxygen until it can do its job. For that 2-3 liters to 60 liters of oxygen may be required. If you need up to 60 liters of oxygen, up to that point can be arranged.

Then bypasses, siphops and then a ventilator are needed. So this is a very risky way, which is important to be aware of. If you are not aware of it in time, you cannot stop it.

About 15 to 20 percent of those who enter the second stage of the virus infection do so not because of the virus but because the human antibodies kill their own cells. If you have a high fever, cough, and respiratory problems on the fifth or sixth day, you need to find a way to prevent it.

We have a very old medicine to stop the cytokines from spreading in large numbers. The name of the drug is steroid. This medicine can be given orally or intravenously to the patient. This drug can stop the growth of cytokines in the body. Due to which the cytokines cannot expand in large numbers. It can also prevent the huge damage we are seeing now.

However, steroids alone cannot prevent blood clots in the blood vessels of the lungs. So you also need to take anticoagulants to thin the blood. So the two drugs we can take in this case are one anticoagulant and the other steroid. However, it should be noted that steroids and anticoagulants are not the same. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before taking these drugs.

You can also ask your doctor about the risks.

Time is of the essence for steroids. This medicine should not be taken as soon as the first symptoms of corona appear. From the first day of corona symptoms, the virus continues to spread for about three to four days. Even though the virus is attacking, the antibodies are increasing at the same rate.

If you take steroids as soon as the symptoms appear, this will increase the time it takes for the virus and antibodies to spread and your disease will go on for a long time. So don’t make this mistake, it will hurt you. It also prevents the body from defeating the virus.

So timing is very important to start steroids. Do not start steroids for five days after the onset of symptoms.

Once the initial symptoms of the corona appear, the antibody begins to respond automatically. This is the best time to take steroids. So this kind of condition starts on the fifth or sixth day.

If you do not have any of the symptoms of the second stage, you do not have to worry. If stage II symptoms appear, you should take steroid medication and take it with anticoagulants. Anticoagulants can prevent the problem of blood clots in the blood vessels while taking steroids.

Many people are taking aspirin as a blood thinner. What people who take this medicine should note is that it does not work.

If you count the platelets of a patient, the amount of platelets in the blood of such a patient is very low. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. Therefore, the use of aspirin is less likely to work.

You need to use anticoagulants. This medicine also needs to be given continuously for three weeks. Why not give steroids for 10 days? This is because the problem of blood clots can last for two to three weeks. So giving this medicine for three weeks will not cause this problem.

If you take the above measures, you can prevent the disease from getting worse and the condition from getting worse. Most patients have good results from this procedure.

When a second risky symptom appears, many people think the virus is causing pneumonia. This was initially the biggest mistake made when the Corona epidemic spread. However, a postmortem report in Italy revealed that it was not pneumonia but blood clots in the arteries.

What is happening now not only in India but all over the world is that we normally have two lungs. When one kidney does not work, just as the other kidney does, so in patients with TB and lung cancer, only one lung works completely.

The problem, however, is that patients are treated with digital sensors (devices such as oximeters). In this way they look at the amount of oxygen in the body. However, the amount of oxygen in the body does not decrease until more than two-thirds of the human lungs lose their ability to function.

People stay at home and wait until the oxygen level drops. Only then do they go to the hospital. By then, they will need oxygen and a ventilator. Which leads to a very scary situation. So don’t make this mistake. However, the current experiment is not wrong. However, this is the only way to get to the hospital.

Possible side effects of steroids

However, there are two things to keep in mind when using steroids. Steroids reduce a person’s immune system. Therefore, this medicine should be used only on the fifth or sixth day.

Then, when you start using anticoagulants, your condition improves dramatically. The next day the fever and cough also go down. The patient feels comfortable. This medicine is especially good for the elderly and people with diabetes. It is also effective in people with weakened immune systems.

Fever comes again on the fourth day of taking steroids. This is not the cause of the virus. Fever is caused by a battle between normal bacteria and the immune system in the lungs. Bacterial pneumonia is caused by bacteria. Therefore, antibiotics should be used at this stage of corona infection.

So re-emphasizing the use of steroids, I would say that it is very beneficial in terms of saving lives, but it also has its weaknesses. This is because it stimulates the bacteria in our lungs to attack. Due to which it is necessary to use antibiotics. This is the only way to use antibiotics.

If you use antibiotics early, it will not help to get rid of the virus. It then becomes ineffective. However, in the case of bacterial pneumonia, it is very effective.

Bacterial pneumonia occurs four or five days after steroid use. So it is important to know their time period well.

Steroids can also cause diabetes. With its use, the amount of diabetes in the body can reach up to 250. Consult your doctor on how to control this condition.

If you have diabetes, the condition can be complicated. It can also cause problems for people with kidney problems. So steroids are life saving drugs. But, its use should be done with full awareness.


The main message I am trying to convey through this is that if you are positive, you do not care whether the test for corona is positive or negative. Notice when you first notice the symptoms.

If on the fifth or sixth day there is a high fever, coughing and respiratory problems, it should be understood that it is due to cytokines. We have very old steroid drugs to prevent cytokines from expanding in large numbers. This medicine can be given orally or intravenously. Due to which the cytokines cannot expand in large numbers. This can prevent the huge damage we are seeing now.

If you lose all your symptoms in five days, remember you won the corona. Take care of your health for the next five days, during which time you may experience a general cough or other common symptoms. Don’t panic.

Even if you enter a risky stage of corona infection, try to stop cytokines by giving steroids and anticoagulants. Steroids should be given for 10 days and anticoagulants for three weeks.

It is better to take these medicines in consultation with a doctor. Consult a doctor to avoid side effects caused by both of these drugs. Because both of these drugs can be dangerous if not taken properly. Therefore, these medicines should be taken only on the advice of a doctor.

Therefore, understanding these time periods, you can take some vitamins if you want for five days after the first symptoms appear, but do not take any other medicine. Corona infections are also being treated using remedicivir, ivory vaccine and plasma therapy, but no evidence has been found that these drugs can cure corona.

Antibiotics have no role in the first five days. The use of antibiotics occurs only on the fifth day of the second phase. If you understand this well, you can cure corona infection at home. However, you should consult a doctor. There is no complication in doing so. If you do not know the schedule and risky stage of corona infection, you may need to be hospitalized. Based on this information you can understand the timeline of corona infection and get help.

This is the latest treatment for corona. Using this method we have cured many people without having to give them safe oxygen and in this way many people have conquered the corona.

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