China angry over Biden administration selling arms to Taiwan

The Biden administration has informed Congress that it will sell 750 million worth of weapons to Taiwan.

Reacting to this, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the United States has interfered in China’s internal affairs. The ministry also warned that China would take legal and necessary resistance measures in this regard.

A spokesman for the Biden administration said in a statement on Wednesday that the Biden administration had informed parliament of its intention to sell arms.

Forty M109A6 medium self propelled howitzer systems and related equipment will be sold under it.

CNN quoted a congressional source as saying that Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Robert Menendez had approved the sale.

According to a CNN source, Menendez said the Biden administration was serious about its strategy in the Indo-Pacific region and expressed its commitment to stand with partner Taiwan.

The United States has long provided arms to Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act. Both Republicans and Democrats agree on giving arms to Taiwan.

In October, the Trump administration informed Congress that it was trying to sell 1.8 billion worth of sophisticated weapons to Taiwan.

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