British Gurkha and Singapore Police Recruitment Registration Online, only those over 19 can compete.

The UK government has started online registration for the recruitment of British Gurkha and Singapore police. The deadline is June 28 to July 16. Recruit intake only for those under 19 to 21 years of age is included in the criteria of intake-2022.

It is said that this policy has been made public to prevent overcrowding due to the epidemic of the second wave of Kovid-19 and to keep the recruitment process going. Officials of the British Camp in Pokhara on Tuesday gave the information while addressing the competing Nepali youth. “The Corona epidemic has changed some of our criteria,” said Major Jackmell, the deputy recruiting officer. However, we have tried to recruit as fairly as possible. Registration for this shift will be online and the form must be completed within three weeks from June 28.

He said Covid-19 had made the regular schedule uncertain and was about to make a choice in a short time. “Due to uncertain circumstances, we are forced to change the age criteria,” he said, adding that the recruitment process would be 100 per cent fair. ‘

Similarly, it has been stated that the educational qualification has changed a bit. Both the British Army (BC) and the Gurkha Contingent Singapore Police Force (GCSPF) have the same educational qualifications. In which, by 2016, after giving SLC, third division or after 2016, after doing SEE, one should have obtained ‘C grade’ in five subjects. Must have obtained ‘C Level’ in English and Mathematics. Computer engineering students who have passed the compartment will be accepted but those who have taken technical education from the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) will not be recognized.

The British Army Headquarters will provide information through its website to fill out the online form. In which the citizenship, passport (MRP) of the competitor, photo, proof of the nearest person, marriage registration if married and wife’s citizenship, birth registration if having children, citizenship of parents, recommendation of CDO office in case of caste or last name should be attached. If the parents do not have citizenship, the marriage recommendation or death certificate has been submitted, in case of divorce, the proof, in case of disappearance, the certificate of CDO office has to be submitted. The letter of recommendation of the changed address after the formation of the municipality will have to be attached to the citizenship address. It is said that you can fill up only once for online application.

Earlier, in the initial stage, registration and regional selection was done in Dharan in the east and Pokhara in the west. It has been informed earlier that this time online registration, regional and central selection will be done in Pokhara.

By reducing the quota for next year, 230 people will be selected for the British and 140 for Singapore. The British quota has been reduced to 110 compared to the past. Giving the opportunity to register by limiting the age is considered to limit the competition and make the selection easier. This time, only 3,000 will be called for the British and 2,000 for Singapore for the regional and final selection.

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