Area 51, World’s most mysterious place where aliens are claimed to have arrived

Some of you may have seen the popular Hollywood movie Man in Black. The film shows the US government hiding a place away from the general public and where aliens come and live.

After watching this movie, the question arises that after all, is there really a place in the world where aliens come and live in secret?

Area 51 is almost identical to the one described in the film. Some people claim that the US government is secretly hiding aliens in this place. It is also claimed that the United States has carried out many experiments on aliens in this area.

Area 51 is located in Nevada, USA. This place is one of the most mysterious places in the world. Various popular documentaries and films have been made about Area 51.

In fact, Area 51 is the nickname of the US military base. This area is very remote and mysterious. Only US troops appear in this secret location. From this secret location, the US government is said to be planning and executing many of its secret missions. According to experts, many such secret and mysterious facts of the US government are hidden in this place and if it is exposed, it could cause panic in the world.

Officially, Area 51 is considered a military training ground and air force facility center. But according to experts, American scientists in this place are researching aliens from other planets. If an outsider is seen around this place, he is ordered to shoot.

People only found out about Area 51 when the CEA director mistakenly leaked a memo in 1967. The memo provided information on Area 51.

The area around Area 51 is now deserted. But this was not the case before. There were a large number of people living there. The area was completely evacuated in 1955 when the US government occupied the area for its own use.

High privacy is also maintained in the area around Area 51. No common man is allowed to move around there. Many of the so-called videos from the area have gone viral on social media, showing strange creatures. These creatures look like aliens from another planet.

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