US to give billions of rupees to Afghanistan to neutralize the growing influence of Taliban

America is now in the final stages of exiting Afghanistan. In the midst of all this, the US and NATO have promised about 300 billion rupees every year to the Afghan security forces by the year 2024. This money is being given to neutralize the growing influence of Taliban in Afghanistan.

America has been in Afghanistan for the last 20 years. It claims that in these years, 6632 billion rupees have been spent in training and providing weapons to the Afghan army. American agencies have been issuing reports of misappropriation of these funds. Several reports state that crores of rupees have been misappropriated and there is substantial corruption in the security system. In such a situation, now that America is going from Afghanistan, the task of monitoring the money will be impossible.

US spending in Afghanistan since 2001
The US claims that 620 billion rupees have been spent in the last 20 years for the national security of Afghanistan. This includes construction, weapons and training, etc. America has spent about 75 billion rupees on vehicles and aircraft. Between 2010 and 2020, the US spent about 28 billion rupees on vehicle oil. The US has talked about giving 25 billion rupees to Afghanistan for 2022. Out of this, about Rs 5 billion is for the salary of the soldiers. It will be difficult to see how the Afghan government will be able to pay its military after 2024.

According to reports, the US and other countries pay more than 80 percent of the budget of the Afghan government. Reports suggest that economic projections that suggest Kabul may bear a higher financial burden are either inaccurate or over-exaggerated.

Where is the corruption?

The money spent by the US in Afghanistan over the past two decades has not been properly monitored. For example, the US bought 20 military transport aircraft for the Afghan Air Force for about 4 billion rupees, but later sold 16 for junk because they were unsafe. In many reports, the Afghanistan army has been shown to be increased, which is not really there. These are only on papers. It has been called the root of corruption. Several reports have also pointed out that the lack of surveillance led to an increase in corruption and weakened the government of Afghanistan and was taken advantage of by insurgent groups.

What kind of army is left?

In recent times, the Taliban has spread to many districts of Afghanistan. Many police and army personnel have to evacuate Taliban areas. Have to surrender. Afghan officials say the US never provided them with the training or infrastructure to do their own maintenance.

Several Afghan officials who spoke to the AP reported that each bullet was coming from the US. Why was America not building in Afghanistan? Officials have said that Afghan soldiers were trained incorrectly. He trained in the Western style, but to fight the Taliban here, training was needed accordingly. Experts say that the Afghan Commandos, Special Forces and Air Force have performed well but the Afghan Army is not fully prepared for the task.

How will monitoring be done?

For the past few years, US money in Afghanistan has not been properly monitored. The main reason for this is the deteriorating security of Afghanistan in recent years.

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. He says that while America and NATO were there, there was enough material and time for surveillance, but now after his departure, it will be impossible. With the Taliban becoming furious, there could be money laundering among Afghan officials.

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