AGW Bharat is the next revolutionary channel in the Indian Media Industry for Youth: Naveen Prasad & Neeteesh Gaharwar

AGW Bharat is an Indian News and Media company founded by Neeteesh Gaharwar & Naveen Prasad. Both entrepreneurs are very young and have come up with a decision to make the next big change in the media industry so that Indian Media should not lose their credibility in Indian Society.

Founders of the AGW Bharat say “You must have seen the youth of our country going forward in every field, but very few young people can make their name on the national news channel. We will give a platform to every youth who wants to keep his voice in the country. Youth is the main structure of this nation to take this country to another level”.

AGW Bharat assures the countrymen that we will become the voice of every common man and will give a new direction to journalism. AGW Bharat has said earlier also that this channel belongs to 135 crore people of the country, which Indian media does not want to show.

Before the launch of the startup, they have traveled many places of India and talked with many people that what today’s youth & others generation wants to see in news channel. Starting from Delhi, 2019 to January 2021 they traveled across India covering many states like Delhi, Half of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal & Maharastra. Soon in few months, AGW Media Network is coming up with the English version named “AGW World”. Its tagline is Nationalism in Veins.

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