Afghanistan called Ambassador back after the kidnapping of the daughter of Ambassador in Pakistan

Afghanistan's ambassador Najibullah Alikil's 26-year-old daughter Silsila Alikhil was abducted by unknown people in Islamabad on Friday.

Diplomatic crisis between Pakistan and Afghanistan became deeper on Sunday when Kabul announced that he is calling back his ambassador and other senior employees from Islamabad after kidnapping and torture in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the 26 years old daughter of Afghanistan’s ambassador Najibullah Alikhil’s 26-year-old Daughter Silsila Alikhil, on Friday, unknown people in Islamabad kidnapped, tortured and assisted with her. Silsila Alikhil was abducted when She was going somewhere from the rental vehicle. Before releasing them many hours were maintained hostage. Founded in the F-9 Park area of ​​the Alikel capital and there were marks of injury to his body.

Afghanistan Foreign Ministry said in a statement, After the abduction of the daughter of Afghan Ambassador in Pakistan, the leadership of Afghanistan Islamic Republic called Afghanistan’s ambassador and senior diplomats back to Pakistan until kidnapping All security threats including the arrest of the culprits and the prosecution of them are not resolved. He said that an Afghan delegation will soon assess the matter and all related issues and visit Pakistan for further steps. It has been said in the statement that “forward steps will be taken on the basis of the findings.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Home Minister Sheikh Rashid said in an interview given to a private TV channel ‘Geo News’ that the daughter of the ambassador was not kidnapped. He said, “She went to Rawalpindi from her own will. Ours have CCTV footage.”

However, in the day, Rashid had said in a press conference that the police had filed an FIR in the kidnapping and torture matter. He told reporters that before kidnapping, he asked taxi drivers carrying them at different places. And the real hijackers will be arrested soon. Rashid said, “The police is investigating the report of the daughter of Afghan Ambassador. We have registered a case on their (Alikhil) request. “

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