Nepali citizen went missing after Indian SSB cut rope bridge while crossing river

Jai Singh Dhami of Rapla Khandan, Byans Rural Municipality-2 of Darchula, left home on Friday morning to prepare for foreign employment.

He had returned home from Dubai a year ago due to the Corona epidemic. He had left home to prepare for overseas employment after his family faced economic problems due to prolonged lockdown and unemployment.

The local people of Byans Rural Municipality-2 have to use the Indian route to reach Khalanga, the district headquarter.

After a few days of preparation, some local youth including Jay Singh Dhami reached rope bridge (Bridge made of Rope) on the Mahakali river on Friday morning to use the Indian route across the Mahakali river.

Some of his friends climbed on rope bridge and crossed the river. His turn came, He also started crossing the river with rope . When Jay Singh Dhami reached the middle of the river, Indian SSB came and cut the rope of rope bridge and Jay Singh Dhami disappeared into the fast flowing Mahakali.

We are suffering a lot, to reach our own district headquarters we have to go by the Indian route, says Narendra Singh. Adding, In rainy season and winter we have to cross rope bridge and go to Dharchula in Uttarakhand, India then you have to drive again to Khalanga district headquarter. Today Jay Singh fell victim to the same compulsion.’

Jay Singh, who returned home from Dubai after the lockdown, had left home again to go to Kathmandu in preparation for his visa. Narendra Singh says that he went missing after the Indian SSB cut the rope at around 9 am.

Locals complain that this inhuman act of SSB is not new. Narendra Singh says that even four days ago, Indian SSB threatened him while going back from Khalanga.

According to Darchula police, search is going on for Jai Singh, who went missing in the Mahakali river. Darchula police spokesperson Narendra Bahadur Chand said, “According to locals, the SSB has cut the cord, but what exactly happened is being investigated.”

Complaint to administration

Locals are now furious after Dhami went missing due to the inhuman act of the Indian SSB. He has also demanded fact-finding and action against the SSB involved in the incident.

According to Dhirendra Budhathoki, ward chairman of Byans Rural Municipality-2, the victim’s family has complained to the district administration office, Darchula, demanding strict action against the culprit.

Darchula District Assistant Chief District Officer Jyotsna Bhatt Joshi said that after receiving the complaint from the victim’s family, she has sent a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs by writing a letter to Pithoragarh District DM (District Head) for investigation.

Since there is no road to Nepal, the local people of the Byans region are forced to cross the Mahakali river through India to reach Khalanga, the district headquarters of Darchula.

The people of Byans are still forced to access food, medicine and transportation through rope bridge even after the government’s closure of the rope bridge free program.

He is survived by wife, a son and a daughter.


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