What is CashNep ? Why CashNep is rapidly growing in Nepal ?

With the aim of recognizing, encouraging and encouraging the talents of children and youth at the national and international level as well as marketing those talents to support the state’s economy, CashNep will contribute 90 percent of its total income to social services.

Every month an outstanding talent gets Rs.50,000 prizes and every year Rs.One million prizes will be provided. There is a committee headed by Uttam Khanal, an economist.There will be provincial as well as district level expert committee.The committee will select the talents of children and youth and recommend them for awards or grants as well as marketing.

Young people should be made entrepreneurs, not employment.The company has stated that it will help the youth to explore in the field of science and technology in the form of incentives, financial and material grants.

It will promote the talents of children and youth living in remote villages. Free interest free loans and grants will be provided to young entrepreneurs.
Hikmat Shahi Thakuri, Assistant Managing Director, said that it is important to make the youth self-reliant by making them entrepreneurs in the country and not dependent on them at home.

CashNep Is the only company in the world to spend 90% of its total income on social services such as: Children and Youth Talent Award, interest free loans for young entrepreneurs, grants, emergency assistance, higher education scholarship fund for children and youth from very poor families. CashNep aims to work in.

What is CashNep?

Recognized by the Government of Nepal and is the first Online Earning Company in Nepal.The talents of children and youth will be recognized nationally and internationally and free grants will be provided for marketing of these talents.

What prizes are there in CashNep?

CashNep will look for the talents scattered all over the country and encourage them. Each month the best talent gets a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 and each year, a Gold certificate along with Rs. 1 million in cash will be provided. CashNep has a Central Expert Committee consisting of 20 professors of each discipline. After verifying the talents, CashNep will provide the award.

What are the main plans of CashNep?

The children and youth of developed countries are the founders/CEOs of big companies while in our country children are the co-drivers and the youth are forced to leave the Gulf countries.

We also need to learn something from the citizens of developed countries and now we will provide free investment as well as rewards to encourage children and youth to become the Founder/CEO of the company in the country. The main objective and plan is to support the state’s economy and create an indigenous brand by protecting and subsidizing such talents by marketing them.

How will CashNep invest in talent as well as awards?

CashNep will now seek out and promote those talents at the local, state and central levels, while CashNep’s Central Expert Committee, which has 20 professors from each discipline. They will recommend to the concerned experts if they think that the talent is genuine then they will recommend CashNep for award as well as for investment and CashNep will do the necessary things accordingly from step-by-step marketing to financial and Will provide material assistance. Talented children and youth will be made Founder/CEO by creating a patent, company in his own name.

How do users make money from CashNep?

CashNep will run from Web and Mobile App. Initially, when registering this, the user gets Rs. 500 bonus and will also get Rs. 10 per referral. You can earn a minimum of Rs. 400 per day by using CashNep online. You will be able to use your earned money immediately for your bank account and other purposes like Recharge, Ticket, Bill etc.

How many categories ara there in CashNep to make money?

More than 31 categories are there in CashNep. For example: Merry, PTC, Study Room, I Can Do, Freelancer, Financial Record etc.

Anyone can use CashNep within Nepal. Of these, 31 services are completely free to avail. When a new user initially registers, CashNep will provide 500 bonus.

Why did CassNep register with the company?

Even though CashNep is registered with CashNep, 100% of all non-profit NGOs do the same. CashNep will conduct research in science and technology if it is to market those talents and inventions it has registered with the company.

How can students earn money while learning knowledge?

Study Room for CashNep students is also available. Where the study will be debated. Anyone can go to the Study Room and post/upload what they have learned. According to how many people have read / viewed that post, CashNep will deposit money in their user’s account. This method is nowhere in the world.CashNep is the only way to get money even if you take knowledge.

What are researchers and visionaries for?

I Can Do is there for such people in CashNep in which every question will be asked and the user will also be able to ask it himself. Those who have Innovative Mind will create a risk concept/ideas/policy. There will be a deep debate on the same subject. An award of up to Rs. 1 lakh will be given to the best question and the best solver will also be given an award of up to Rs. 1 lakh. The policy will be formulated and submitted to the state as well.

Who is the Founder of CashNep?

CashNep designer, researcher, young scientist Basant Kumar Shahi grew up in a very poor family in Kalikot, Karnali, a remote district of Nepal. He has also received national and international awards for his interest in exploration/talent since childhood. The Government of Nepal also awarded and honoured the National Youth Talent in 2017. He says I had the talent but the opportunity (physical and financial) could not be done due to poverty. Having suffered so much, the coming generations should not have to suffer like me. Talent should not be hidden due to poverty, but should be marketed to support the state’s economy and use indigenous brands.

Basant Kumar Shahi have started this work so that others would not suffer the pain he suffered after being born in the remote district of Kalikot. Now district working committees are being formed. Darchula working committee has been formed recently.

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