Teachers warned not to teach until vaccination

The new academic session is being conducted from June 15. The Ministry of Education has decided to facilitate the admission of students and distribution of textbooks by conducting the academic session from June 15. A meeting chaired by Education Minister Krishna Gopal Shrestha on May 26 had decided to run the school. On the same basis, schools across the country have instructed the teaching staff to attend the school from June 15.

The schools have instructed all the teachers and staffs working in the school to be present daily from 10 am to 4 pm as the learning of the children should be continued through the alternative learning system to facilitate the enrollment of students and distribution of textbooks.

Teachers, on the other hand, have been saying that they will not be able to attend until they are vaccinated against the corona virus. Teachers across the country are now in the digital movement, saying they can’t teach until they get vaccinated.

Teachers across the country have started agitation under the leadership of Nepal Teachers Federation. Associations General Secretary Laxmi Kishor Subedi said that they will not be able to participate in the classroom operation with physical presence until they are vaccinated against Covid-19.

Stating that the future of more than 7 million students is in the hands of teachers, he said that teaching in such a situation without vaccination would increase the risk. There are about four lakh teachers in the country. They are still working to prepare student results online, and to provide alternative teaching and learning. However, Secretary General Subedi said that they will not be able to attend the study in person until they get the vaccine.

“Our movement is with the government. We have no complaints with our grandparents. We are not in favor of playing games with the future of childrens. So even now we have been doing what we do online and through virtual, ”said General Secretary Subedi.

He said that teachers and security personnel in different countries of the world have been vaccinated in the first phase. ‘Teachers are not considered frontliners. Those who have access have been vaccinated at home. We are in touch with 7 million children. Who is more at risk than us? ‘He asked.

Russia had vaccinated teachers and security personnel in the first phase. Even in Nepal, some local levels have even vaccinated teachers. However, he said that the teaching staff has always been in trouble due to the indifference of the state.

Salary of child class teacher 15 thousand: Federation’s dissatisfaction

The government has raised the minimum wage for classroom teachers and school staff to Rs 15,000 through the budget statement for the coming fiscal year. The federation has welcomed the remuneration. However, it has expressed dissatisfaction over its source.

It is the responsibility of the local government to bear the amount. As a result, it is doubtful that the decision will be implemented, said General Secretary Subedi. He said that the federal government should take the responsibility saying that the responsibility cannot be avoided by handing over the responsibility to the local government.

10 days tourism leave for employees but not for teachers

In the budget of the coming financial year, the government has made arrangements for 10 days tourist leave for the employees. However, the finance ministry argues that the provision will be available only to civil servants. Education Minister Krishna Gopal Shrestha has been claiming that teachers will also be given leave.

After the Ministry of Finance clarified that the teachers were not there, the teachers said that they were discriminated against and demanded that the same should be done for them. Secretary General Subedi said, “Civil servants will get it, why shouldn’t we get it?” Are we midwives? ‘

Four lakh teachers will now take to the streets

Nabin Singh Dhami, senior co-chairman of the Nepal Relief Teachers Central Committee, said that the third phase of the digital agitation, which was started with various demands, has not been heard.

He said that the fourth phase of the movement would be discussed at a meeting on June 19.

Nabin Singh Dhami also said that despite repeated talks with the Ministry of Education on the demands of the teachers, no hearing has been held. After the demand was not heard, teachers from all over the country sent SMS to the Education Minister and the Health Minister.

After sending the SMS, the Ministry of Education had sent a letter to the Ministry of Health asking for facilitation for vaccination.

The third phase of the agitation has been going on since May 26 under the leadership of the federation. Secretary General Subedi said that the digital movement is taking place in the third phase due to the Corona epidemic. The second phase of the agitation ended on June 3.

More than 134 teachers across the country have died from the corona infection so far, according to the federation.

Rajesh Samant, President of Nepal Teachers Association Darchula, agitated from TikTok

Rajesh Samant, President of Nepal Teachers Association Darchula

Rajesh Singh Samant, President of the Nepal Teachers Association Darchula and Principal of Rastriya Secondary School Dattu, has raised his voice saying that government should fulfill the demands of teachers and school staffs.

This is a new practice, As citizens have become more aware in recent times, they have started agitating in a different way than before.

Teachers have been outraged in recent times, saying the government has brought a confusing budget and teachers have not been vaccinated against coronavirus till now.

Also Rajesh Samant posted on social media on Tuesday by saying ‘The digital movement of Nepali teachers, including the demand for vaccination against Covid-19, is not being met immediately. There is no alternative to join the movement soon!
Let’s start pushing the central level from all the districts to declare a strong movement.Long live teacher unity ‘

What are the demands of teachers?

Teachers and staffs across the country are in agitation under the leadership of the federation. The federation had submitted a 34-point demand letter to the education minister on May 2.

They have demanded that 20 percent of the total budget should be allocated in the education sector, that education up to basic level should be compulsory and free as per the provision of the right to education as per Article 31 of the constitution and secondary level education should be free.

Secretary General Subedi said that there is a demand to make provision for one level periodical promotion in every ten years and to maintain 60-25-10-5 promotion ratio by maintaining special category in teacher promotion.

Congress demands to provide the same facilities to teachers as civil servants

The Nepali Congress has stated that it has drawn serious attention in the budget of the coming fiscal year saying that it has discriminated in the salaries and other facilities of civil servants and teachers.

The Department of Education of the Nepali Congress has demanded immediate rectification of the government’s discrimination in the services of teachers and professors as compared to the services and facilities provided to the employees of civil servants, public institutions and establishments.

The budget has provided 10 days leave and remuneration to the civil servants for tourism work, accident insurance of Rs 1 million, health insurance premium of Rs 100,000 to be borne by the government but the teachers and professors have been exempted from this.

Vaccinate everyone based on availability

The Ministry of Health and Population has stated that all citizens will be vaccinated on the basis of availability. The ministry has clarified that vaccinations are being given on the basis of the priorities set by the government. Ministry spokesperson Dr. Krishna Prasad Poudel said that the government has given priority to vaccination and everyone will be vaccinated on the same basis.

He said that the government is not able to buy the vaccine even if it wants to.

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