Nepal’s Home Ministry’s letter to foreign ministry regarding Indian obstruction in Darchula

The Ministry of Home Affairs has sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take diplomatic initiative to stop the atrocities being committed by India in the Mahakali River riparian zone.

The Home Ministry has sent a letter to the foreign ministry on Tuesday to take initiative through diplomatic channels to stop such activities in the border area after a rock fell during the Dharchula-Lipulek road expansion under construction by encroaching Nepali land Kalapani-Lipulek area.

The letter said that the construction work of 87 km road from Kothedhar in Darchula to Tinker is about to start and the blast could affect both the sides of the river bank and asked the representatives of both the countries to take initiative to find a solution.

The government has given the responsibility of digging the Darchula-Tinker road to the Nepal Army. It is mentioned that the letter sent by the District Administration Office Darchula to his Indian counterpart Pithoragarh District Magistrate regarding the collapse of Kalju Road has not received any reply. On the same day, a 150-meter-long Goreto road towards Mahakaliwari Nepal was destroyed when a rock fell on the Indian side while expanding the road in Garbhadhar-Shantivan area under Pithoragarh Pangla Gramin Panchayat.

When the rock fell into the Mahakali due to the explosion, the stream of the river flowed towards Nepal. In a letter sent abroad, the Home Ministry has mentioned that the road to Nepal should be opened and the rock that fell in the river should be removed from the Indians. In the same letter, it has been asked to take initiative to remove the obstruction from the Indians in the protection of Sitapul (wooden bridge) coming from Darchula to Byans Rural Municipality-2, Chhangru.

The Mahakali River was blocked at Kaljubhir, Byans Rural Municipality-2, Darchula District, Nepal, while the road between Garbhadhar and Shantivan under Pangla Gramin Panchayat of Pithoragarh District of India was being widened due to the use of explosives. The letter said, “Even the Sitapul in Chhangru of Ward 1 of the same village municipality is at risk. No reply has been received so far from Darchula to the Pithoradh District Collector regarding protection.”

Letter to India to stop atrocities in Nepali territory

Home Minister Khagraj Adhikari told mediapersons on Tuesday that 150 meters of road in Kalju area had collapsed due to Indians and about 200 meters of Nepali land had fallen to India due to the Mahakali floods. “Our land must be brought back. The government is committed to this,” he said. The letter sent by the Home Ministry abroad does not mention the issue of Nepali territory falling to India.

Khalanga, the district headquarters of Darchula, was inundated when the Mahakali River flooded on June 13, 2016 Including the same territory, India has built a 150 meter long embankment and directed the river to Nepal.

The Mahakali was flooded eight years ago after all the dams on the Dhauliganga River were opened. India had started constructing a one-way dam without replying to repeated diplomatic correspondence to protect the flood-hit territory. The construction of the dam has been completed but no reply has been received yet.

The Indian road connecting Lipulek covered Nepal’s road

The House had sent a letter to the foreign ministry on June 12 with the decision of the District Security Committee Darchula to draw India’s diplomatic attention to the issue of Sitapul protection. However, no initiative has been taken to control the activities of Indian coercion from abroad. The House sent the second letter abroad on Tuesday.

Apart from the disruption in the maintenance of Sitapul and the collapse of the Dumling-Kalju road due to Indians, there has been obstruction in the construction of Ghantibagar road and encroachment of land across the Khalanga district headquarters.

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