Nepal’s ex-prince Paras Shah mistreated police personnel in Maharajgunj

Former crown prince of Nepal, Paras Shah has mistreated the police on duty. He had misbehaved at Narayan Gopal Chowk in Maharajgunj on Friday evening when the traffic police tried to interrogate him.

According to Kathmandu Police Chief SSP Ashok Singh, Shah, who was not wearing a helmet, was stopped by the traffic police. He said that he was also under the influence of alcohol and was arrested after the police started interrogating him.

There was a scuffle when the police tried to take Shah under control, as can be seen in a recent public video on social media. When the police tried to take him to the police station, he had an argument with the police saying, “I know, I live here.” During that time, there was a traffic jam in the chowk.

It is heard that the traffic police has called for more help from the police control through the communication set as they did not see any situation to reduce the tension. A traffic policeman said on the set, “Paras Shah is drunk and is making a fuss. Send the vehicle immediately.”

Some people had also expressed their indignation towards the police saying that if it was the general public, the police would have already taken them in a vehicle. At times, even Shah’s supporters chanted slogans in his favor.

“After explaining, we sent him to wear a helmet,” SSP Singh told The Gurkha Times.

Former crown prince Paras Shah has repeatedly come to the fore by engaging in unruly activities. He was arrested in Thailand in 2014 with marijuana and last year a video of him pushing a policeman at Tribhuvan International Airport went viral.

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