Ignoring the identity of the new variant of the Covid-19 in the Sudurpashchim Province

Although the daily coronavirus infection rate in the far-western states is low, the risk of infection has not decreased. In the last one week, 25 to 66 people have been infected daily in the state, according to the health directorate, while two people have died.

A total of 1,055 people tested positive for the corona virus on July 5, while a total of 730 people tested positive for the virus on July 11, adding 25 more. A total of 1,114 people were tested in the state on Monday and 61 people were confirmed infected, while 978 people were tested and 66 people were infected on Tuesday. That is 6.748 percent of the total tests, according to the health directorate.

According to the directorate, 3 to 7.5 percent of the daily tests in the state have been infected recently. But what kind of infection did they have? The subject has not been identified. While the infection of the new variant named ‘Delta Plus’ has been confirmed in most parts of the country, it has been found that no attention has been paid to its identification in the Far West.

Doctors have said that the treatment of the infected will be easier if the new variant of the corona is not detected in the state. The family physician who is also the head of the emergency department of Seti Regional Hospital, Dr. Jagdish Joshi said that if the new variant is identified in time, it will be easier to treat and manage the infected by preventing further spread.

“It is being said that the new variant seen in some places in Nepal has affected people who have already been vaccinated against corona,” said Dr. Joshi said, ‘It is said to create more complexity than the variants of the past. We have not been able to identify whether it has spread or not. If identified in time, it will be easier to control. ‘

Joshi said that at least 40-50 people were being infected daily in the state and if they could not manage it, it would help spread the third phase of the infection. When the doctor suggested to identify the new variant and manage it accordingly, the concerned body did not show any interest in it.

Samples will be sent as per the request of Epidemiology and Disease Control Division

It has been delayed to send samples for testing to identify new variants of the corona virus that have spread in the far west. The state public health laboratory said that samples would be sent for testing after the epidemiology and disease control division asked for them.

Chief of the Public Health Laboratory, Ram Prasad Ojha, said that samples have not been sent for the identification of new variants but will be collected and sent on demand from the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division.

“After the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division asks us to send samples for testing, we will collect and send them,” Ojha told The Gurkha Times. “In the next phase, we will send samples for testing.” He said that instructions have been given.

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