All citizens will be vaccinated by 2021: PM KP Sharma Oli

Prime Minister of Nepal, KP Sharma Oli has said that all citizens will be vaccinated by 2021.

Addressing the convention of the Central Assembly of the Nepal Children’s Organization, the Prime Minister said that the shortage of vaccines was gradually being resolved.

Addressing the program through virtual medium, Oli said that such programs can be done through direct meeting instead of virtual medium this year.

Earlier, the prime minister had said that everyone would be vaccinated before the November election.

Addressing the program, Oli said that although children were the future of the country, in the past, due to political and social system, not all children had the right to proper upbringing, education and sports.

According to the Prime Minister, almost all the governments of the past have not paid attention to this issue and sometimes institutions like Balmandir have become a means of private interest.

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