Four reasons why Ukraine could withstand Russian aggression for a month

High motivation, direction and control, effective strategy and information flow.

Eastern European country Ukraine has been under attack by neighboring Russian troops for a month.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a special military operation in Ukraine. Since then, Russian troops have been attacking Ukraine from three directions.

The Russian attack damaged several Ukrainian cities. More than three million people have fled the country. People in the city, including Mariupol, are still unable to get out.

They are spending their days without enough water, electricity and food. However, Ukrainian security forces have not allowed Russian troops to occupy the capital, Kiev.

The Ukrainians are facing the onslaught of a huge and modern Russian army. Both sides have not released official figures, but it is estimated that more than 7,000 Russian soldiers, including six generals, have been killed in less than a month.

Many have praised the Ukrainian security forces’ response to the Russian attack. There are four reasons why Ukraine could withstand Russian aggression. High morale In any war, it is important to know which of the two sides has the most morale. Now the Ukrainians are fighting for the life of their sovereign country.

Before Russian troops entered Ukraine, Putin was outraged that Ukraine was not a sovereign state but a country created by Russia. The Ukrainians are with President Volodymyr Zelensky and his government. Even people with no military experience have taken up arms against Russian troops.

“This is how people fight for their survival,” said Tom Folks, a British military officer who spent 35 years in Germany during the Cold War. Their courage is amazing and wonderful. ‘

After the civilians were deployed in the security of the city, it became easier for the soldiers to go to the front line and fight. Russian soldiers, on the other hand, do not have such encouragement. They were detained for months at the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Even then, it was sent to Ukraine as a special military operation, not a war. Many of them do not know how to cope with the Ukrainian resistance. Within days of the onset of the attack, food and other supplies were in short supply.

At the start of the directive and control attack, Russia was expected to launch a cyber attack on Ukraine’s communications system. But that did not happen. Ukraine has been able to coordinate effectively in all areas, including its own.

The activities of the Ukrainian government in Kiev are becoming more and more visible to the public. President Jelensky and other officials are addressing the nation in T-shirts. They are saying what is happening.

The Russian military, on the other hand, lacks unified leadership. There is also a lack of coordination among the soldiers deployed in different places. This has discouraged them. The lower echelons of the Russian military are not motivated to make their own decisions. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

It is estimated that six Russian military generals have been killed so far because of high-ranking military officials stationed on the front lines. Effective strategy The strategy adopted by the Ukrainian security forces in this war is also correct.

While the Russians are slowly assembling weapons and troops and carrying vehicles, the Ukrainians are attacking in small groups. They have adopted a strategy of attacking and walking fast. Earlier, US, British and Canadian troops had trained Ukrainian forces on how to launch javelin missiles.

The Ukrainians have also adopted a strategy of finding out the weaknesses of the Russian military and attacking them. Earlier, they attacked a 65-kilometer-long Russian military vehicle approaching Kiev.

After the road was closed, Lavalskar could not move forward. Ukraine has also targeted Russian supply systems. The flow of information The Ukrainians have effectively fought is also a war of information. In this war, Ukraine has succeeded in building its own narrative around the world.

Russia has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once. After Russia invaded his country, Ukrainian President Zhelensky addressed his countrymen almost daily. The United States has addressed the Israeli parliament. They have posted videos on social media. It has aroused the sympathy of people around the world for Ukraine.

Ukraine has been under Russian attack for a month. But the danger is not over for him. Ukrainian cities are under siege by Russian forces in various cities. The Russian military has the potential to take over Ukraine, breaking current weaknesses.

At that point, even if Western arms aid were stopped, it would be difficult for the Ukrainian army to repel the Russian attack.

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