Indian Encroachment: 849 border pillars missing in Nepal India border

849 border pillars in the border area of ​​Province No. 2 with India are missing.

Of the 4,027 border posts in an area of ​​464 km from Saptari Gobargadha in the east to Thori in Parsa district in the west, 849 are missing.

According to the Armed Police Force, Chhinnamasta Bahini, Province No. 2, Bardibas, there is a border problem between Nepal and India in Province No. 2.

According to the Bahini, out of 4,027 border pillars in eight districts of State 2, 2,064 border posts are intact, 704 have to be repaired, 319 have to be completed, 91 border pillars have been washed away by the river and 849 border posts have been lost.

Deputy Inspector General of the Armed Police Force Chandra Prakash Gautam said that there was a problem in separating the Nepal-India border as the Indian side was building houses, tents and tying cows in the Dashgaja area of ​​Nepal-India. “We are talking to our Indian counterparts from time to time to solve the problem.” Yes. ‘

In some of the eight districts of province no. 2, it has been made public that Indian citizens have been cultivating, constructing houses and making cowsheds by crossing the border area.

In Siraha’s Inerwa toll, Indian citizens are living by encroaching tens of thousands and constructing kateras.

Indian citizens have been encroaching on the land within the Dashagaja of Lachka Toll in Madar, encroaching on the entire Dashagaja area in Lagdi Goth Tol, encroaching on the Dashagaja area from Lagdi Gadiyani to Sanhaitha village. The Indian Customs Office has an office.

As there is no boundary pillar in Lagdigoth of Siraha, about 50 Indian families have been living in the area.

The Indian side has encroached on Nepali land by moving the border pillar number 253 at Ladaniya, Bariyarpatti, seven meters towards Nepal.

Locals in Bariyapatti allege that Indian Border Security Force (BSF) personnel across the border have shown indifference and encroached on Nepali land.

Similarly, the Indian side has encroached on Mahinathpur on the western border of Dhanusha by dumping soil in Dashgaja. According to the locals, 849 out of the 464 km border area from Gobargadha of Saptari in the east to Thori village of Parsa district in the west under eight districts of Province no.2 have gone missing. This problem is not only in Siraha and Dhanusha but also in eight districts of province no 2.

Experts say that the governments of the two countries should be serious about finding a long-term solution to the border issue between Nepal and India, which has become a headache for the local administration, people’s representatives and concerned bodies. There is a demand from the residents of the border area that there should be scientific demarcation of where the border posts are from the GPS system.

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