Again Indian encroachment on Nepali land Lipulek

While Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has been saying in the foreign media that relations with India have improved, India has continued to encroach on Nepali land in the border area. Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday thanked the security personnel for speeding up the construction of the road to Mansarovar in Tibet via Lipulek. It shows the need to improve relations without any meaningful negotiations.

India’s Dharchula to Mansarobar road construction through Nepali Territory.

On Friday, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh lauded the security forces deployed in the construction of the Dharchula-Lipulek road, saying that the expected progress had been made. Lipulek is the same land in Nepal where India is paving the way to Mansarovar in Tibet. And, when they used explosives in the area, the mountain collapsed and the way outlet in the Kalju area of ​​Byans village was blocked. Locals are worried that if these activities are not stopped, people’s lives will become more difficult.

Siddharaj Joshi, Chief District Officer of Darchula

Although the Darchula administration has written to the Home Ministry about the damage caused by the road expansion through India, the Home Ministry has not yet taken any action. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also seems to be unaware as India is increasing the encroachment on Nepali land and increasing the infrastructure of strategic importance to the detriment of the local people.

Armed Police Force (APF) Regular Patrol in Kalapani.

Nepal had immediately protested after Indian Defense Minister Singh inaugurated the road in April last year. Sending diplomatic notes to the Indian side, such activities were immediately stopped and invited to come for diplomatic talks. However, India has been refusing to negotiate. Nepal had formed a nine-member expert team led by the Executive Director of the Policy Research Institute to make necessary preparations, saying that the border dispute would not be resolved at the administrative level and that talks would be held at the Prime Minister’s level. Eight months after the team submitted its report with evidence, the government has not been able to hold meaningful talks with India on the border dispute.

Kalapani Border Point

Meanwhile, the issue of border crossing could not be taken up in the meetings held at the level of foreign secretaries and ministers of both the countries. India, which has shown corona epidemic during the talks, has continued to cross the border. In this situation, experts suggest that Nepal should continue its stand and continue diplomatic initiatives and other measures of pressure.

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