Has India got its own Wikipedia?

“The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.” - Ralph W. Sockman

Knowledge is a key to success. When one has knowledge of a thing they can make the right decision easily. And knowledge is only one treasure that increases by sharing. We all need a source from where we can get all kinds of knowledge. An open knowledge source is like the light of many people’s lives.

BHARATPEDIA: hope a lot of people

It was a long standing demand to have an independent platform like Wikipedia and it seems to have reached at the end with a site called Bharatpedia a free, online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteer contributors through a model of open collaboration, using a wiki-based editing system.

The site was launched with a mission to re-establish the nation as Vishwaguru. The government of India also supports this process. For this, more pressure is being laid on self-help and indigenous products and services. These efforts and demand for Indian Wikipedia is the way it becomes established.

How youth come across for making it popular:

For establishing this platform our youth take a huge part. They started to give Bharatpedia an utterly indigenous form. According to them, all efforts to become self-reliant are unsuccessful unless we use indigenous services. One comes to Wikipedia for the truthfulness and correct information of the facts but from now on efforts are being made to change its form and that should be prepared by an Indians for their country’s people. It is the first free Indian encyclopedia.

How does BHARATPEDIA run?

Maintained by a community of volunteer contributors. They contribute to the website using the wiki-based editing system. The need for such platforms increasingly thoroughly.

How did it come?

When Bharatpedia’s founder came to know about its need they started to think about it. He declared that he will make it again in which anyone can find all information in one place and it will function entirely like Wikipedia. And that Indian Wikipedia can help the people. As it is an Indian product it shows our nationality and Indians become proud to have it. After seeing this much demand for Indian encyclopedias, our government also planned to launch it back in 2008-2009. Using Bharatpedia can help us to become self-confident. You can use this site free of cost and collaboration is also free, which further increases the depth of this platform.

The headquarters of Bharatpedia is located in Mumbai, India. When it comes to website access this Indian Wikipedia follows a completely open approach. This is very user-friendly and if you want to use it you don’t have to login or sign up.

Bharatpedia in recent months:

Nowadays Bharatpedia becomes quite popular. All web users love it for its good usability. Bharatpedia is a really flexible and convenient information-gaining policy.

Like other websites, if you want to input or gather information it can help you. And for this, you do not have to log in or make an account. It is like open-source and maintaining some restrictions you can edit an article.

As the article is written with simple words and Indian English so one can easily understand it. This brings more comfort to the readers and they love to read more. And the content is well-written and informative, which offers to-the-point elaboration on topics using basic vocabulary.

The writers can work freely and they can easily write because if they make any mistake then another person can change it. So Bharatpedia comes with a lot of opportunities for readers and writers and helps them to grow together.

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