Corona infection rate rises again in Kathmandu

Recently, the infection rate of Covid-19 in Kathmandu Metropolitan City has increased to 20 percent. Until a week ago, the infection rate had dropped to nine percent. At present, it has increased by 11 percent. In the third week of May, 70 percent of those tested were infected.

Although the rate of infection has decreased due to continuous lockdown and vigilance, the number of corona positives has also increased due to the recent increase in activity. The metropolis had tested 16 centers in 32 wards when the infection rate increased. The metropolis, which has been conducting tests up to 1,500 daily in the past, has also reduced the number of tests to 150.

Chief of the Public Health Division, Hari Bahadur Kunwar, said, “Lately, the infection rate in Kathmandu Metropolitan City has been on the rise. If the number of infections increases, the situation may become more complicated, so everyone needs to be careful.”

According to him, it is not always possible to get vaccinated. The central government needs to provide vaccination to all the citizens as soon as possible. He said that the campaign should be carried out effectively by giving priority to the places where there is more need and more crowd of people even after the vaccination has been brought.

According to Radhika Kuikel, a lab technician at Kathmandu Metropolitan City, they do not even come to the civic center for testing. Citizens have demanded vaccination before the test.

Vaccination at seven percent

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has stated that only seven percent of the citizens have been vaccinated so far. Although 16 percent of the first-dose citizens are vaccinated, less than half of them are fully vaccinated. As the population density is increasing compared to other cities in the country, the vaccination campaign should be carried out quickly and effectively, said the party.

Not only the test, but also the patients who have more problems during the test are kept in the ambulance and taken to the hospital. Citizens do not have to pay for this. Thus, Kathmandu Metropolitan City has already signed an agreement with the ambulance for the patients with corona positive two weeks ago. Citizens will be able to get services from seven out of 32 wards of the metropolis. Kathmandu Metropolitan City has provided free ambulance service not only to the patients of Corona but also to those who have other chronic diseases. For that, anyone who needs to contact 1180 hotline number.

So far, 69,542 people have been infected with the corona virus in Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Of them, 2,743 are actively infected. Similarly, 66 thousand 296 have been freed from this disease so far. 503 people have lost their lives due to corona infection.

Of the current infected people in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, 2,589 are in home isolation, 39 are in institutional isolation and 115 are undergoing treatment in hospitals. In order to fight against the infection of Covid-19, Kathmandu Metropolitan City had facilitated the treatment of the citizens by signing an agreement with the 12 hospitals in its area to provide necessary equipment and management to increase the capacity as demanded.

The metropolis has entered into agreements with government and community hospitals in its area to save the infected patients by improving the management and treatment system of the hospital and increasing its capacity.

The hospitals contracted by Kathmandu Metropolitan City include Birendra Sainik Hospital, National Institute of Medical Sciences Bir Hospital, Kshetrapati Free Hospital, Nizamati Karmachari Hospital, Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Memorial Hospital, Helping Hands Community Hospital, Shaheed Ganga Lal National Heart Center, Shukraraj Tropical and Communicable Diseases Hospital, Model Hospital. And Nepal Korea Friendly Hospital, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital Naradevi Ayurvedic Hospital had signed an agreement to connect the equipment with oxygen.

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