After Ukraine, Russian army can attack UK, claims intelligence agency

Russia-Ukraine War Update: The United Kingdom is supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia. Russia is angry with this and wants to take revenge. The intelligence agency has alerted the United Kingdom government.

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues and the United Kingdom is supporting Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Intelligence Agency of the United Kingdom has claimed that Russia is angry with their country’s support of Ukraine. To avenge this, the Russian army can attack the United Kingdom.

Russia will attack the United Kingdom!

According to a report published in ‘The Sun’, senior officials of Britain’s counter intelligence and security agency MI5 have warned Home Secretary Priti Patel and her team about the danger of an attack by the Russian army. United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chief of Staff Steve Barclay have also been informed.

Intelligence agencies are on alert

The intelligence agency has claimed that the Russian army may attack the United Kingdom to take revenge. United Kingdom intelligence agencies are on alert. This attack on the United Kingdom can be done to humiliate it.

Why is Russia angry with the United Kingdom?

Significantly, the United Kingdom is supporting Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine war. The United Kingdom has also sent weapons to help Ukraine, which angers Russia. Recently, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson said that the damage caused in the war should be recovered from Russia. Know that the United Kingdom has sent more than 10,000 anti-tank NLAW weapons to Ukraine

Let us tell you that the soldiers of Ukraine have appreciated the help given by the United Kingdom. He has described it as the best gift of the Queen of Britain. The intelligence agency has warned the United Kingdom government that Putin’s army could attack.

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