KMC launches robotic surgery for first time in Nepal

Kathmandu Medical College at Sinamangal in Kathmandu has started robotic surgery for the first time in Nepal. KMC has organized a press conference at the hospital council on August 5 and informed that robotic surgery has been started for the first time in Nepal.

At the press conference, Dr. Sunil Sharma, Executive Chairman of KMC, said that KMC has added a new dimension to the field of neurosurgery in Nepal by launching robotic surgery. “For the first time in Nepal, KMC has started robotic surgery for state of the art and reliable treatment,” said Dr Sharma. “This is a new dimension in the field of neurosurgery in Nepal.”

Narayan Dahal, General Manager of KMC, said that robotic surgery is the beginning of reliable treatment and it will bring a lot of relief to the patients. Prof. Dr. Amit Thapa, Senior Neuro Surgeon, KMC, gave information about robotic surgery with video. Senior Neuro Surgeon Prof. Dr. Thapa informed that it is very easy to perform the surgery with the help of Rowat in subtle and complex surgeries. In robotic surgery, the operation is done with the help of a robot in the operation plan made by the doctor.

KMC has purchased a machine from the US at a cost of around Rs 100 million for state-of-the-art robotic surgery. Sophisticated equipment such as S8 Stealth System with Guide, NIMS Eclipse Version 4 Ultra Operative/Navigated Drill and MISS System have been procured for Neuro Surgery. KMC, which has now used Rowat for neuro surgery, now plans to use Rowat in other surgeries as well.

Dr. Sunil Sharma, the director of the prestigious Nobel Teaching Hospital in the East, has been the Chairman of KMC since last August. With the entry of Dr. Sharma, KMC has been raising the standard of treatment.

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