Development of super vaccine, will kill every variant of Coronavirus

There is relief news for the world troubled by the new variant of Corona virus. Scientists have discovered the formula of super vaccine which will be effective on every variant of corona. Researchers from the University of Washington said that we have discovered such an antibody in people who have defeated Corona, which is capable of fighting the variant in every way. This study is published in the journal Science. The study describes research on five human monoclonal antibodies. This was found to be effective on the beta variant.

During this, the researchers examined specific memory B cells in people who had recovered from the corona. Memory B are white blood cells. They recognize and react against viruses that have previously attacked the body.

Targets a structure called the stem helix

Scientists started focusing on S2P6 out of five antibodies found in people who had defeated Corona. Molecular structure analysis and functional studies showed that this monoclonal antibody had impressive diversity. Also it can neutralize three different subspecies of beta virus of corona. The scientists observed that it did this by inhibiting the virus’s ability to attach to cell membranes. These antibodies target a structure called the stem helix in the spike protein of these viruses. The spike protein is critical to the virus’s ability to take over host cells.

What is Spike Protein?

The virus protein is released from the thorn-like part on the outer surface of the corona virus. This is called a spike protein. Infection begins with this protein. It reaches the lungs by binding to the human enzyme ACE2 receptor. Then increasing the number increases the infection.

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