Covid-19 mystery: China rejects WHO investigation on virus origin in Wuhan lab

China has rejected the request of the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate the origin of the corona virus. China has vehemently denied the allegations, saying that there is no such evidence that the virus leaked from the laboratory. It is a disregard for common sense. The pathogen of the virus originated in the animal, transmitted through the host to the general population.

A group of top Chinese science officials on Thursday praised an earlier WHO report in Beijing that pointed primarily to animals as the source. The epidemiologist, Liang Wanian, said the virus was never found in the Wuhan laboratory.

Let us tell you that he led the team of Chinese experts working with the WHO. Former US President Donald Trump’s administration had raised the possibility of virus manufacturing in the lab before the 2020 election, but his opponents dismissed the investigation as a conspiracy.

Scientists in the investigation have questioned China’s reluctance to access the source of origin on a global scale. Efforts to strengthen the virus have been focused among some virologists. Along with this, some world leaders were also called to conduct a thorough investigation.

China rejected the theory of virus in the lab
At the same time, China has consistently rejected the hypothesis of virus origin in the laboratory. Officials said on Thursday that Beijing would no longer be part of the original investigation if China’s principles hindered the investigation. China said, we do not need to invest more resources in laboratory tests.

It was China’s most direct attack ever to probe the WHO and others at the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s high-level laboratory. Let us tell you that the Wuhan lab was like the home of studies on bat-borne pathogens and other corona viruses.

“The plan for the second phase of the original study includes language that does not respect science or common sense,” said Zeng Yixin, deputy minister of the National Health Commission. We will not follow such a plan. This WHO plan shows arrogance against science.

Biden’s directive raised suspicion on China

US President Joe Biden said in May that intelligence was divided over whether the virus emerged from human contact with animals, or from a laboratory accident. He has ordered to double his efforts and report back by the end of August.

The directive again raised suspicion that the virus may have survived the investigation of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where researchers are known to study other coronaviruses.

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